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The Old Bedtime Pass Puncher: Sleep with Kip

"MUUUUUM! I need a glass of water!"
"DAAAAAD! I need you to tuck me in!"

Some children get in and out of bed multiple times before falling asleep. We call these “curtain calls”! They want to tell you something, they want a drink, they want to go to the toilet...the list can go on! If your child does this, this story is for you! It takes you and your child through an evidenced-based technique called the Bedtime Pass. This technique helps to limit the number of times your child can come out of the room before bedtime.

Written by Robert Boddington & Jack Robertson with illustrations by Yoon Park & Matt Hughes. Read by Tamala Shelton

Visit the Sleep with Kip website to purchase the books, get evidence-based sleep strategies for common sleep problems in children, learn more about the research behind the series, and find out more in the Sleep with Kip podcast.


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