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Marshmallow Puffins at the Window: Sleep with Kip

Hana was just about to close her eyes when...


Night time fears or worries are very common in children – especially children with a vivid imagination! These worries can stop children getting to sleep. Children can think there are monsters in their bedroom, be worried about noises outside the window etc. Learning to manage these fears and worries is really helpful for children – and their families. This story is a fun way to help children worry less at the start of the night. Parents can help children do this by listening to their worries and then gently reassuring them that many of their worries are not real – there are no monsters under the bed!

Written by Robert Boddington & Jack Robertson with illustrations by Yoon Park & Matt Hughes. Read by Tamala Shelton

Visit the Sleep with Kip website to purchase the books, get evidence-based sleep strategies for common sleep problems in children, learn more about the research behind the series, and find out more in the Sleep with Kip podcast.


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