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Has Dad Joined the Circus?: Sleep with Kip

Viet grabbed the blankets tight and stared at the door.
"Dad! Dad! Dad!" He cried.

Lots of children find it hard to fall asleep at the start of the night on their own. They often want mum or dad to be there with them. This might be okay for parents at the start of the night but if a child wakes up many times over night, it can quickly become exhausting for mum and dad if they need to sit with their child again over night to get them back to sleep. When this is happening, everyone can end up tired and grumpy!

Written by Robert Boddington & Jack Robertson with illustrations by Yoon Park & Matt Hughes. Read by Roby Favretto

Visit the Sleep with Kip website to purchase the books, get evidence-based sleep strategies for common sleep problems in children, learn more about the research behind the series, and find out more in the Sleep with Kip podcast.


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