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What is Story Box Library?

Story Box Library is a subscription based educational website, created for children to view stories by local authors and illustrators, being read aloud by fantastic, predominantly Australian and New Zealand, storytellers.

Watch testimonial videos from our storytellers and creators here

Story Box Library is being used in classrooms and homes across Australia. 

Here is a taste of the wonderful feedback we have been receiving from our members and supporters:  

"I hope my great niece and nephew enjoy the stories as much as my granddaughters do. Their family have been posted to Timor Leste so a subscription to Story Box Library is an easy and excellent gift to give the children... I think it is a fantastic innovation that engages young ones with the ageless joy of storytelling in a 21st century way, that is easy for 20th century family members to use... I thanked [Story Box Library staff member], as the ‘face’ of Story Box Library... for the pleasure it has given my five year old granddaughter and I, throughout the pandemic, when we have shared your stories together during our weekly ‘Storytime with Nana’ video calls. We LOVE it!"
Eileen, Grandparent

"Never a question of not having Story Box Library. If my school didn't have the funds to pay I would pay for it myself. Thank you for all the continued wonderful, diverse range of stories and story-tellers. I was one of the Story Box Library Crowd Fund pledgers, so have been a member from the very beginning, initially having a personal membership for my own family but got my school signed up as soon as I could. Have so appreciated the work that goes in and the journey you have all been on as you continually add more stories, introduce us to new story-tellers and provide such amazing resources to support those stories."

Jessica Marston, Teacher, Hagley Farm School

"Story Box [Library] is a fabulous resource at the best of times and in lockdown it's even more amazing!"

Lizzy Martin, Teacher Librarian, St Catherine's School, Sydney

"We are loving using Story Box [Library] Online during the NSW lockdown! The teachers and students are loving all the activities you have posted for the book week, especially choose your own adventure."

Susan, Teacher Librarian, Annandale North Public School

"I'm a teacher, and my Year 1 support class get to choose a story from Story Box Library after every break to settle. They LOVE picking Morris the Mole and Now That's a Hat with you reading them. They are just so enthralled and you have something magical that engrosses and speaks to them... my teachers aid and I never get tired of listening to you read, your expression and theatrical style has us quoting the books! Just thought you should know that there are kids out there who absolutely love you, thanks for encouraging kids to love reading!"
Via storyteller Dolly Diamond

"I just wanted to say how moved I was by Richard Green's reading of 'Alfred's War.' Congratulations to all involved with this production - author, illustrators and animators, and beyond. It is a very powerful resource and one I will be sharing widely."

Meg Denman, Fahan Primary School, Tasmania

"Thank you for all your hard work in making Story Box the very best Literature platform in the world!"
Gillian Maugle, Teacher Librarian, Wiley Park Public School

"I absolutely love Story Box Library because it is easy to access for our families here in remote areas. The story telling is high quality, very entertaining and I really love how at the end of the stories they have art activities which creates a wonderful time for families to come together and enjoy a creative time. Thank you Story Box Library for the wonderful benefits for our regional families." 

Sunnie Evans, Tablelands Libraries

"You can watch some of the best authors and performers on Story Box Library. It is a great place to discover best loved and most enduring picture books, but also to rediscover a love of story telling." 

Amelia Birve, Unley Libraries

"I love Story Box Library because it is nice to be able to offer a story read by someone other than Mrs Costigan from time to time. I also particularly like the playlist function."  

Angela Costigan, St Leonards College

"SBL are championing children’s literature in our country, particularly with Indigenous stories too. They provide such a rich variety of stories and as a mum of two small kids, I have to say being able to give your kids some quality screen time while you do the dishes or god forbid get a cup of tea, is priceless."

Anika Means, Darwin Libraries

"We are lucky to have a very strong reading culture and Story Box Library is part of that culture. The teachers read to our students every day, they either read a class novel or use Story Box Library and our students absolutely love it." 

Anne Walsh, Presbyterian Ladies College Burwood

"Story Box Library brings books to life! It’s a place where awesome authors and  lovely librarians read stories to children." 

Belinda Walker, St Josephs School, Townsville

"We love Story Box Library so much. We've got it running on our junior tv everyday and we can see the benefits that the children are getting from it to improve their literacy skills and engage them with a resource that can provide story time at home."  

Cassie Gibson, Moreton Bay Regional Libraries

"It is a great way for children and families to engage in reading from home with a different medium that is exciting and interesting and so cool." 

Chelsea Ritchie, Upper Hut Libraries, NZ

"I love Story Box Library because it puts such a huge range of quality Australian Literature at the fingertips of students, teachers, parents and librarians all around the country." 

Chenelle Leatt-Hayter, Santa Maria College, WA

"I love Story Box Library, I not only recommended it to families and children, but also a couple of adults who recently had dual cognitive implants and it really helped them to hear the word and the clarity. Aside from which the children love it and the best thing we can do for our kids is read, sing, rhyme and play to get the foundations of literacy that are so important." 

Dienie Rosee, Epping Branch LIbrary NSW

"I love picture books and so I love Story Box Library because it brings picture books to life. SBL is such an important part of our community because it is a place where parents and carers can trust. It's a place where you know you’re going to be read quality story books, in Australian accents by a diverse range of storytellers."  

Frankie, State Library of Queensland (Winner)

"All our students use Story Box Library at home, you see all our students are Australian born Chinese, and that means many of their parents aren’t confident in reading to them in English at night, and that is very important. Because of SBL our students get to watch and listen to stories read in English, and they can read the subtitles, so you see how worthwhile and valuable Story Box Library is to our community."

Heather Zubek, 7 Seeds Reading Club

"What I love about Story Box Library is that it is an Australian resource and the stories are created by Australian authors and illustrators." 

Jessica Freeman, Campaspe Regional Library Service

"We love Story Box Library because the presenters come from all different backgrounds. The Storytimes are really positive and we’ve learnt from how to be better storytellers just from watching how the professionals do it. We always direct our families to Story Box Library so that they can read books by the same author, or along the same theme and they can do an activity together at home. We’ve found that Story Box Library has made lockdown a little less isolating for us and our community." 

Julie Bull, Ballarat Library

"Lastly I’d like to tell you that I have not yet used your stories without having large groups of boys jumping up and dancing and singing along to the theme song and animation at the start of each story – up to and including Year 6! We loved being able to share great Australian stories during lockdown and saw a massive increase in use, and our statistics have shown that since returning to school, we still have a lot of children accessing the stories from home. I’m sure that this is not news to you, but my school have been very happy with being able to really quantify the value of your service to our students this year." 
Kate, Head of Library, The Hutchins School, Tasmania

"What an incredible resource! My young son wandered over to me today and we enjoyed a few stories together. What a delight to be able to take a break from rigorous academic thinking and just consume literature with joy, wonder and awe! One of the stories we shared was “Baz and Benz”. Maybe I just needed to laugh, but Jacek Koman’s interpretation of his character was hilarious!…”Meep!” We laughed heartily and look forward to sharing many a story with your talented readers who so sensitively and brilliantly present beautiful literature. We’ll certainly find our way to THIS library time and again. Thank you!" 
Pamela Pinel (Mother, teacher, student and self-confessed appreciator of books)

"I want to thank you for your excellent service and support during the life of Story Box Library.  We love it, and it’s great to see an Australian literacy program growing so well.  All the best for the future, and I will be watching with interest along with my little granddaughter!" 
Maureen O’Shea Young People’s Services Librarian, Noosa Library Service

"One particular online platform that I think is especially exciting and innovative is the Story Box Library... In using this resource to access quality Australian stories, I am particularly impressed with the professionalism and the level of smooth transitions between the story and the storyteller. This would be a wonderful educational resource that is available to schools. As well as this, the focus on diversity and representation is excellent."
Alex Wharton, Head of Middle School at Carinya Christian School, Gunnedah via The Missing Peace: Reading Australia Fellowship (2019) blog.

"I have 3 kids - 5 months, nearly 4 and 7.  Main user is the nearly 4 year old - Ellie.  I use it when i need to give my 7 year old my undivided attention - at the moment its daily! Eg used it during a ballet lesson. Ellies excited to have another story session.  Ellie picked her stories - typically goes to things we have listened to before...  I love the variety - we have a lot of books at home - a heap - But its great for her to listen to someone else reading it - and they are so engaging.  It's a fantastic product!!! ... I recently bought Busting for her – Aaron reading it was so engaging, she wanted her own copy. I like the fact they can just explore what takes their interest. She also likes the “Story Box” song  and the animation bits – lovely to see the variety there."
Sarah Brown, family subscriber

"One of the highlights of this time for my six year old daughter Mya is discovering you [Dolly Diamond] on Story Box Library. Arguably your biggest fan, at least in the primary school sector, she finds you absolutely enthralling and I'm pretty sure she'd happily sit and listen to you read just about anything. I asked her what was a good word to describe you and after a few moments of contemplation, it was an important decision after all, she declared Dolly is exquisite! ... Thank you so much for bringing your light, sparkle and sequins to our family during this strange time. Mya's old brothers are also fans, zipping over to the computer when they hear the Story Box Library jingle... It really has been such a wonderful tool during remote learning and will remain a part of our lives now."
Eva, Parent, Sydney, NSW

"Mission accomplished! Thank you so much! This is fabulous I am going to tell everyone to get one for their Grandchildren. What a wonderful gift! You are now well and truly going Global  . . . and there aren't many people who can say that at the moment! I am so glad that I asked. Love your work." 
Gillian, Grandparent

"The Storybox stories are amazing for speaking and listening as the students get to hear different voices, accents and genders. The closed captions mean we can also incorporate on-screen reading with the words on the screen, making it even more invaluable as an EAL teaching resource. Even for kids with close to zero English, they can still hear and follow the pictures. 'Oliver and George' is a very popular story - and the kids absolutely adored the 'Starting School' video from earlier this year! I just love it, I really do." 
Elsa, Primary EAL Teacher

"My workplace is using Story Box Library for each Library class while we teach remotely. Your resource has been an absolute saviour; easy to use, a large range of texts and authentic access to authors and illustrators alike. Thank you so much."
Louisa Seymour, Educator

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for brightening our morning! My two girls aged 2 yrs and 6 yrs love you reading Now That's a Hat! My 6 yr old thinks you are very pretty and I think you are fabulous!! Also great to see your inclusion into the learning from home prep curriculum at our Catholic school."

Tania Rivett, Parent via message to storyteller Dolly Diamond

"I love stories told by brian nankervis. He is awesome and a very good storyteller. Could we have more books read by Mr Nakervis please. Thank You "
Sienna Andrews, Student (age 7), Hartwell Primary School

"I would like to thank the team at Story Box Library for their quick assistance. We purchased a subscription to this resource after our Library closed and within a couple of days we had it up and running. We have had nothing but a positive response from our community who are very happy to have something to entertain their little ones. Our Facebook post about this new resource is one of our most popular posts since we closed our doors. Thank you for being so efficient and easy to deal with." Aimee Hutton, Coordinator Libraries, Museum & Visitor Information Centre, Armidale Library

"Stay healthy; you guys are saving my bacon with these stories during lockdown here in France!"
 Jade  - Family subscriber


"These rich texts will bring so much joy and smiles to the faces of our children during such an uncertain time. Thanks again!"  
Donna - Kingscliff Public School


"Our town library is closed, they can't get books here from me in the library, and might not have much at home. Your resource is going to be invaluable." 

Karelle - Orange Anglican Grammar School, Library Teacher


"It is absolutely excellent, this is something I searched for with my first child, and I am glad that my second has this available. So good to have interesting Australians reading the books."

Carmen - Library patron


"We aboslutely LOVE Story Box Library and we are integrating it into our online program. Thank you for offering such an amazing service and bringing story telling into the students homes."
 Lara - Teacher Librarian, Chatswood Public School


"Story Box Library has provided the children at our school with a fantastic bookshelf of wonderful storytelling. Most of our students speak English as a second or other language. Having access to Story Box Library during this time of uncertainty means that the students can listen and enjoy stories in English and continue to broaden their speaking vocabulary as if they were hearing these stories in the classroom. We are so grateful that Story Box Library has generously provided an extended trial and appreciate the use of their amazing resources."

Helen Gardener, St Mark’s Catholic Primary School, Inala

"...Story Box Library: It’s the most valuable site on the internet! Its educationally sound and created for children to view and hear quality picture books read by local authors. It’s the next best thing to having you read to them. So next time you just can’t carve out time to read for whatever reason, or just don’t have it in you for a read-aloud session, use this. It will be your lifesaver and will give them so much more than an electronic game ever could!"
Louise Park, author, via Better Reading online news article

"Story Box Library provides hours of wholesome, literary entertainment."
Wellington City Libraries, New Zealand via blog

"We use Storybox pretty much everyday during our ‘crunch & sip’ break times. The students love seeing familiar faces telling the stories." 

Danielle Halliwell, EAL/D, Literacy Support, Bannister Creek Primary School

"I'm a teacher at a school with a heavy religious population and teach year 1. I remember watching Pig in a Wig with my students and I was on edge that one of them might say something hurtful. Before you [Dolly Diamond] had even begun reading 3 little girls were gushing over your jewellery whilst another said 'she's so glamorous!' (We had just learnt that word so I was very proud of her for using it). The students all really enjoyed the story and one boy shouted 'I like all her different voices!!!' And he started to try and copy you. It showed me that no child is born with spite or prejudice. My students are always on the lookout for your stories thank you for what you do and keep being glamorous." 
littlesimpsonallgrownup via Instagram to storyteller Dolly Diamond.


"Thank you for showcasing this little orange book so incredibly. I’m very chuffed and grateful, it looks amazing. You are such a professional outfit and I’m so impressed. The kids are lucky to have such a cool resource."
Michael Speechley, author of The All New Must Have Orange 430


“The picture book ‘I just ate my friend’ is our most popular book with our Kinder, Prep and Year 1 students and I’d like to share the link with all our students because Tim Roger’s performance of it is hilarious! ... I was also pleased to see a former student of ours as one of your performers: Ashleigh Marshall!”

Esther Johnson, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School


"Thank you for your amazing site. Our school students and families love using our subscription and we will be renewing in the coming month. It is wonderful to have stories and literature by Australian authors and illustrators brought to life by your narrators. The inclusion of Premier's Reading Challenge books also takes the pressure off the library to have all the titles in our collection."

Linda Ferris, Teacher Librarian, Bligh Park Public School


"Story Box Library is a fantastic site focusing on Australian titles. Books are read by authors, illustrators and other notable people. A lot of support resources are also provided. A valuable resource I can 100% recommend. My students and their parents love it :)... I love Story Box Library and promote it wherever and whenever I can, even internationally. It truly is a valuable and fantastic resource that brings books to life for students."

Felicia Harris, Teacher Librarian


"The magic of Story Box Library is that beautiful books are shared in a fun and engaging way, without being over animated or oversimplified. This means that the children enjoying the stories still have room to think and dream. In other words, the stories do more than just entertain; they inspire imagination too.

It truly is a gorgeous and wonderful story-sharing site."

Katrina Germein Author/ Teacher/Parent


"I first discovered Story Box Library when I was asked to read one of their stories. I soon found out this wealth of stories told by so many varied and interesting people. I am a mother to two daughters aged 8 & 5. For work we travel a lot and I remember especially when my second daughter was a baby and my eldest was not quite reading on her own, watching a Story Box Library book was a regular treat every night as we toured. The beautiful way the stories are presented with just enough visuals and such a unique array of diverse stories, plus the added bonus of hearing stories told in an Australian accent which we miss when travelling overseas - make this resource a rare gift indeed." 

Ali McGregor, singer


"I just wanted to say your new website looks amazing!! I use this at least once a week with my students, they get so excited and start grooving as soon as they hear "a little bit cheeky..."! Keep up the great work."

Philippa Cahill, St Peter's PS, Bentleigh East


“Story Box Library is terrific for encouraging the practice of storytelling and giving your children the experience of being read aloud to - especially when we don't always have the time. There are some familiar faces and it's full of top notch stories - some new and some classics. Definitely worth checking out!”

Daniel Gray-Barrett, Author 


"We will definitely be renewing our subscription! I love story box library - it is a fantastic service and well used by myself here in the library but also by all the classroom teachers throughout the school! Keep up the good work!"

Melissa Johnson, Teacher Librarian, Currans Hill Public School


"A home schooling friend of mine suggested that we try the Story Box Library which she has been using at home with her children over the last 6 months. It’s an online resource that showcases Australian children’s books read by a diverse range of Australian storytellers. So, we decided to give it a go and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. My friend who home schools uses it as a facilitator for discussions, as each story comes with classroom notes that are specifically created for the Australian curriculum. We are using the family package and have just been using it at night time as a bedtime tale. My children don’t get a lot of screen time (tv or computers) but this is something nice that we can do together. I can also look at the stories in advance to ensure they are appropriate.

...This is an alternative to going to the library (we don’t have one close by) or purchasing books. This way we have access to many different kinds of books that I probably wouldn’t have thought to look at in the first place."

Olivia Hood, blogger at Everyday Begins New


"Thanks for having me... I had a ball... Long live Story Box Library!"

Alan Brough, Actor / Comedian


"I absolutely love Story Box Library and tell everyone I know about it (I gifted subscriptions to family members and friends for Christmas)!"

Rachel Williams-Duff, Parent


"I love your site and have shared it with so many other teachers! My students love it when we log in and they notice a new book, nearly as much as new picture story books at school (very rare in our rural school). We will definitely be maintaining our subscription while I'm in charge of the Literacy budget!"

Gemma Whinray, Katamatite Primary School


"Can we please renew the Story Box Library, we love it too much to let it expire."

Jenny Mustey, Campaspe Regional Library


"We love it! [Story Box Library]. The children are always excited when new books are added. Thanks for a great service."

Faye Matters, Hawkesdale P12 College Library


"We use it every week in some capacity and are delighted with each new addition to the collection. Thanks so much for providing us with such a rich resource."

Jessica Marston, Hagley Farm School


"Keep up the great work. We use your site many times a day, every class!"

Cate Evans, Melbourne Girls Grammar


"Thank you so much for the excellent resource you and your team have developed! I am loving watching it grow, and our kids love watching the stories. It is always "Can we watch another one?" It engages them in such a different way!"

Jennie Tuvey - Librarian, Fairhills Primary School


"We couldn't survive without Story Box [Library]! It is such a wonderful resource."

Suzanne Young, Serpell Primay School


"I love the look of your new website...  which is a huge hit with the children at our school... especially those in the younger grades. I am also using the interviews with the authors / illustrators to inspire my Yr 6 children. These have been great! I am a HUGE fan of Story Box Library and my students are even more so."

Janette Meulen, LibraryTeacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran College


“The reading is fantastic. I love everything about it - the reading, and the whole site. Brilliant.”

Peter Carnavas, Author and Illustrator


"[Story Box Library] is a treasure box full of tall tales and delicious surprises."

Sydney Writers Festival


"[Story Box Library] is a great Australian initiative that pairs the very best children's literature with the very best performers, to produce videos that can be used for educational – or just storytelling – purposes. After all, there's nothing better than having someone read you a good story!"

Australian Children's Literature Alliance


"We greatly admire the work you do to promote children's literature! Thank you for your initiatives to share much-loved stories."

National Centre for Australian Children's Literature 


"I love new internet finds that ensure we get the best out of the web whilst merging old fashioned charm with new advances in technology. Story box library is kind of like having your own beautifully illustrated library of Australian books at your fingertips, and you even have someone to read them to you. In Australian accents... [the website] is beautifully designed and illustrated and the books have been chosen for their slightly quirky but charming take on life. Having the stories read by Australian voices, and some very funny comedians, also ensures the art of storytelling is alive and well."

Martine Oglethorpe - The Modern Parent


"[Story Box Library] is particularly appealing for our older students due to the personalities reading the stories. We often find it hard to find literacy programs that are age appropriate, but they really enjoyed it. Really looking forward to using it again."

Lesley Prout (Literacy and Numeracy Coach) - Glenroy Specialist School


"As a teacher-librarian I love to use Story Box Library during classes' visits to the Library. Our ELC uses it once a week also. I find that with the older Primary levels we can delve into the author and illustrator features to see what motivates them and how they work. The younger levels just love to hear and see the stories. We sometimes explore a story for its theme or to experience some more from a favourite author or illustrator."

Karelle Stanton (Teacher Librarian) - Edinburgh College


"You made my new job easy and had teachers of all the junior school say yeah, the library is great! You have given them and libraries everywhere an Australian home and school library. Teachers use it with English learners so they can hear stories in English. Teachers use it in comprehension lessons where students listen to different stories and write comprehension questions for each other and then listen to and answer the questions their peers have written previously. Teachers use it as an addition and alternative to their own voice during story time. Teachers use it to 'hear' the author's voice. It has so many applications but mostly it celebrates our amazing Australian authors and illustrators. It's an essential and affordable resource in every library."

Svetlana Paul (Junior School Teacher Librarian) - St Andrew's Cathedral School Sydney


"We have really appreciated the wonderful opportunity for students to listen to the CBCA short listed books that you recently added to your collection. Students appreciate seeing a story presented in a different way! Your selection of books is excellent and it is great to see quality Australian children's literature being featured and I always look forward to new additions to the collection. Our class teachers and pre school have used the collection with their units of work and find it a very useful and engaging resource."

Lyn Pritchard (Teacher Librarian) - Hunter Valley Grammar School


"Riverina Regional Library’s 18 branch libraries love SBL. The titles, the narrators and the website are so easy to use and entertaining for children and adults alike! I love the fun of the theme song and on a personal note: my six year old daughter adores the concept – her favourite part of Playschool on ABC is the storytime and the format of going from the book to the storyteller which is SBL has captured so well. Our libraries utilise the stories on smart boards with large groups of “storytimers”. In addition to storytimes, one branch streamed stories in the park for a shire gala day which was well received by mums, dads and kids! Well done SBL we love the range of titles across different age groups, the quality stories, narrators and all the fun!"

Clare Morey (eServices Development Officer) - Riverina Regional Library


"We absolutely love Storybox library for so many reasons. Last year we paid over $90 in late fines at our library, my daughter is a book worm and I have the memory of a gnat so you can imagine how 20 books after 2 weeks can add up!

It is also a great opportunity to read the book with a view to buying, which is how we used to use the library and for testing the waters when kids move from one age bracket to the next.

Finally it is an awesome gift for children, it's quick and easy to purchase as well as set at that magical price point that I have for birthday and Christmas gifts for kids. A few expat friends of mine are moving back to their home country and this was the perfect Australian gift for their children. This is now my go to gift... I'm always nervous buying books, it can be hit or miss, not with this option! Soooo much to love about this product, well done, it's genius!"

Maala Parameswaran (mum to 4 year old)


"Story Box Library allows the children to listen to stories read to them by someone else other than their class teacher or parent. It is a bonus when it is read by the author of the book. The classroom ideas is very helpful to teachers who wish to do a book study and looking for activities to do with the class.
We have used it in the classroom as well as during Library Lunchtime in Book Week.

As a Librarian, I like the Short Films with the authors and illustrators explaining how they write and illustrate their books. Getting to "meet" the authors and illustrators in Story Box Library is like inviting them to our school for Book Week incursion.

As a school, we thoroughly enjoy using Story Box Library to introduce new books to the children and also books that we already have in our Library. It encourages them to want to borrow these books home to read for themselves or share with their family."

Tina Yap (Library Technician) - Deepdene Primary School & Kew East Primary School


"Minerva School loves Story Box Library with a passion. We are a small school (with a small budget for book purchase) of less than 50 students with special needs. Storybox enables us to access books in an interactive fun way, more engaging for some of our students with Autism.

The classes get to love certain books and then I buy them for the library and they learn to read them and enjoy them more than if they were just given the book at the beginning.

New books are continuing to be added ....... short listed books and theme focused eg. Remembrance day etc.

Minerva School says 'Story Box Library' ROCKS!!!! THANK YOU"

Jenny Marshall - Minerva School


"Story Box is a wonderful resource in our library. A broad and interesting story catalogue that is regularly extended, and beautifully presented. A great combination of authors reading their texts or well known Australians! And the kids love the catchy theme music. Keep up the fantastic job you doing."

Kelly O'Reilly (Teacher Librarian) - Dubbo North


"I had to let you know how much my kids adore Story Box Library. They know all the names of those who read the books, love taking turns choosing a story, and dance in their seats during the beautiful opening animations. It's an absolute treasure. I have some special people in mind who'll be receiving subscriptions for Christmas. Congratulations on a beautiful project that is a much-loved part of our day."

Emma Rickards (Artist & mother of 2), VIC


“Quality Australian Literature combined with a variety of entertaining narrators... a brilliant combination. Thank you Story Box Library for providing such a wonderful resource, which is used by our classroom teachers at every opportunity.  The Classroom Ideas are an added bonus.”  

Elizabeth Martini (Teacher Librarian) - Mel Maria Catholic PS, WA


"I wear two hats for Story Box Library and both my hats are full of love for this great little site! Firstly, my mother hat loves it because it is rare to find an online site which seems to read my mind and provide content for the messages I love to share, the books I adore to read, and the choice of readers that I want to sit down and have a cup of tea with.

My second hat as a teacher is super impressed for all the same reasons. Story Box Library helps make online stories more meaningful to our school children by giving them Australian authors and the Australian voice reading - about time!  And what teacher doesn't need a reliable source to hand you excellent classroom activities to bring these great stories even more to life? Teachers then get to let the meaningful adventure continue off screen. Love all around for Story Box Library.”  

Áine Tyrrell (Teacher & mother of 3) - Ocean Grove PS, VIC


"This morning I listened to Mike McLeish read 'Silver Buttons' on Story Box Library.  I LOVED this reading!!!  And, I’m writing to thank you for enabling us all to access this lovely reading experience. Could you please pass on my thanks and congratulations to Mike McLeish – He read this book so tenderly… He added to the experience and made me enjoy the book even more than I had when I’d first read it myself.  I’m sure Bob Graham would be very appreciative also!

Thank you so, SOOOO much for Story Box Library – We LOVE it here at Prince of Peace.  The children come into the library with big smiles and ask hopefully, “Are we going into the media room for our story today?” 

Janette Meulen (Teacher Librarian) - Prince Of Peace Lutheran College, QLD


“Thank you to all involved for developing such a fantastic learning tool!  The kids all love it, and I sat in with the 5/6’ers yesterday when they were watching 'I Was Only Nineteen'.  A great discussion starter.  Awesome. I look forward to it becoming an integral part of my library program.”  

Jennie (Teacher Librarian) - Fairhills PS, VIC


“We have recently subscribed to Story Box Library at our school. We find the books age appropriate and easy to incorporate into the Guided Reading session as visual and spoken texts. The teachers' resources are full of engaging and practical ideas. Our students particularly enjoy the growing selection of Indigenous writers and stories.”  

Carol Carey (Teacher) - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Waterloo, NSW 

"We’re the biggest Story Box fans over here. The teachers, the primary school students, including the learning support kids. It’s a big hit."

Naomi Schub, Moriah Primary School


We'd love to hear from you too.  Contact us here to tell us what you love about Story Box Library.