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Sticks & Stones Animal Homes

Everyone likes to build cubbies and play house. Find out where 15 animals make their homes in countries around the world. Some weave, some burrow, some build and some just get lucky. Which house would you most like to share?

Author and illustrator Tai Snaith has created a fun and unusual exploration of animals in their natural habitats. You'll discover creatures like the Elf Owl, one of the world's smallest owls, who lives in holes carved out by woodpeckers in trees and cacti; and the Giant Armadillo, who is happy for other animals to use his burrow when he isn't home!

The illustrations of the sweetly anthropomorphised animals are delightfully drawn and perfectly match the gorgeous rhyming text of this story.

Poet Emilie Zoey Baker enthusiastically reads this fun and interesting story that children are sure to adore.

Supporting subscribing educators with engaging hands-on lessons, Story Box Library (SBL) has introduced Units of Work which are comprehensive, thematic and linked to Australian curriculum learning outcomes, encouraging hands-on learning opportunities and collaboration between students. 

The Units of Work include printable resources and SBL story suggestions, ready for the classroom, to be used as a sequence or individually.

STEM Units of Work

F-2 unit is based around STRUCTURE and includes use of Sticks & Stones Animal Homes

Download STEM Units of Work here


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