Our wonderful and colourful stories are very popular with children and families, especially during Book Week. Because we love kids loving our stories, we create a simple play or art-based Activity Time for each of our story segments.

Activity Time extends the story and helps children further engage with themes and characters. Family subscribers and local library card holders have access to all of the Activity Time instructions, which can be downloaded and printed. 

To celebrate Book Week 2019, we thought we'd share a sample of our activities with ALL Australian families, encouraging you to play with a selection of this year's CBCA Book of the Year shortlisted books. 

Simply visit our Activity Time bookshelf to access all instructions listed below, or take a look at some of the examples below for CBCA shortlisted titles. 

The All New Must Have Orange 430: Design and Create a Savings Box

A fun and USEFUL activity to help the whole family further engage with the important themes of the story. Follow the instructions to help you minimise waste and save for something useful.

Orange 430 Storyteller image

Cicada: Make a Cicada Magnet

A family activity to help focus on hope and positive thinking.

Cicada storyteller image

Girl on Wire: Create a Feather Brooch

Help children find courage to face their fears with this Feather Brooch.

Elise storyteller image

Chalk Boy: Draw a Pavement Art Self-Portrait

Use chalk to draw yourself on the pavement. 

Chalk Boy storyteller image

The Dress-Up Box: Make and Play

Some tips to help encourage creativity and imaginative play at home. 

Heads and Tails: Insects: Play Heads and Tails: Insect Memory

Make your own game to work your memory, recall insect facts and have fun as a family.

Kate storyteller image

Sorry Day: Braid a Sorry Day Bracelet

Make and wear a Sorry Day bracelet to pledge your support for the rights of the Stolen Generations.

Trevor storyteller image

Grandma Z: Design a Pair of Un-Ordinary Day Socks

Make your own colourful socks to wear when you want to have an un-ordinary' day. 

Grandma Z storyteller image

Red House, Blue House, Green House, Tree House!: Play Mouse Hide and Seek

Follow up the story by creating and playing your own story-themed game of Hide and Seek. 

Ellen van Neerven storyteller image

And if that's not enough, have some more Book Week fun with our Secret Reading Mission File!

Download and print our SECRET READING MISSION FILE to help your child uncover their secret reading powers. 

MIssion BookletP3 single sheet