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Cicada work in tall building.
Data entry clerk. Seventeen year.
No sick day. No mistake.
Tok tok tok!

Cicada works in an office, dutifully tolling day after day, unappreciated by his bosses and bullied by his coworkers.
One day Cicada climbs to the roof of the building and something extraordinary happens

A story for anyone who has ever felt overlooked, Cicada is a simple tale with a rich subtext from multi-award winner Shaun Tan, creator of Rules of Summer and illustrator of The Rabbits. Read by Aaron Minehan, Cicada will stay with you for a long time and will make you ask the question: what can I learn from this story?

After watching Aaron's reading, go behind the scenes of the filming at the National Library of Australia, by looking in the More Videos section!
Hint: Aaron was given his copy of Cicada by a robot who works at the librarythe only one in the world using robots to deliver books!


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