Secret lairs, secret ink, super speedy reading and secret reading powers  

Ssshhh! We can say no more about this secret reading business. 

Unless you can keep a secret! Then, of course, read ahead!

Book Week is here and we have wonderful resources to share with children that can be used at home, in classrooms and in public libraries, including a selection of this year's CBCA Book of the Year shortlisted titles for you to view, read aloud by vibrant and engaging storytellers.

'Reading is My Secret Power' is the wonderful theme for this year's Book Week, cleverly inviting children to discover and unlock the powers awarded to those who read. 

Playing on the fun concepts of secret spies and super powers, we've created a SECRET READING MISSION FILE for children to complete during Book Week to help them discover their secret powers and uncover the power of reading.  

How to use our Secret Reading Missions

1. Download the Secret Reading Mission File, which we have provided in two formats. Choose which format best suits the age and ability of your children.  

a) A sheet that can be folded into an 8-page miniature booklet

 b) A single-sided sheet

2. Print the Secret Reading Mission File. A3 is recommended if you will be using the miniature booklet option. Ensure you're viewing the documents in Fullscreen to enable downloading and printing. 

3. Ensure you have a QR Code Reader installed on your device.

4. There are five missions to complete. Discuss the Secret Reading Missions with your children before starting, to ensure they understand each task. Young children will require adult assistance to complete some tasks. 

5. Consider encouraging children to work collaboratively in pairs, with school buddies or as a family to complete the missions. 

6. Stamp the Secret Reading Mission File for your children each time they complete a mission. 

Or ... Jump straight in to our Secret Reading Power Quiz to discover your SECRET reading power!