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Jules Ober


Jules is a self taught photographer and designer who brings a passion for beautiful light, texture and colour to the project.

Born in Sydney, educated at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Jules Ober is a photographer who has developed a highly trained eye for images, working between Australia and Europe across platforms as diverse as fine art printmaking, fashion, film and multimedia.

As a documentary photographer her photographs have been published in magazines such as Vogue (Australia), Elle (Russia), L’Express (France), Digital Photography (Australia), Gastro (Denmark) Liberation (France), Voyeur (Virgin Airlines) and in 2017 she has her documentary photographs showing in 4 separate exhibitions.

In her personal work she combines the profound awareness and awe of nature imprinted on her as an Australian, with her passion for design and printmaking developed during years of living and working in Europe. Her abstract landscapes have been exhibited in Paris as well as in Sydney and have found an application in the domain of design and architecture. Jules continues to explore all the possibilities of our digital age. She may be found working as a director of photography, multimedia producer, teaching Digital Imaging at TAFE College, or building beautiful websites.