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At one stage, not too long ago, the only people who knew Isabella Clarke could sing were her parents. At nine, Isabella's voice would let fly with Beyonce, from the shower, leading her mum and dad to wonder if she really was as good as her bathroom singing suggested. Isabella had always copied Beyonce and Michael Jackson's dance moves (wearing stilettoes) in the lounge room, but singing was something new. It was around this time that Isabella's mum took her off to for a singing audition with singing coach David Jaanz. From the moment Isabella sung for David, her life focus moved to singing. Isabella's first 4 years as a vocalist have been enormous, exploding on to the scene and accomplishing some incredible achievements including a principal vocalist role for The Victorian State Schools, spectacular and numerous singing competition accolades. Isabella loves Australian comedy including Kath and Kim. She is a huge foodie and favourites include eggs benedict and avocado bruschetta. She takes her school work seriously and loves her time at school with her school friends. Isabella is focused, determined and a fierce defender of what's right and wrong. Isabella knows how to laugh at herself and values staying humble and grounded. Her family means the world to her and she is proud to be a loyal and supportive friend amongst other like-minded singers and school colleagues. The future could not be brighter for Isabella as she shares her unique gift with the world on the international stage.