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Koalas Eat Gum Leaves

This is a koala.
Koalas eat gum leaves.
Nothing but gum leaves.
All day. Every day.

With no exceptions...Koalas eat gum leaves. Nothing but gum leaves. Everyone knows that.For breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even on their birthdays. But one koala discovers something a lot more tempting. This koala eats nothing but ice cream. Ever heard of too much of a good thing?

Koalas Eat Gum Leaves tells the tale of one little koala, who has had quite enough of his eucalyptus diet. And so he goes on the lookout for some tastier tucker. The story is a simple cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of moderation, from creative duo Laura and Philip Bunting and told delightfully by Rohan Browne. 



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