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I Want To Be In A Book

Cecil is only a sketch, but he has a name and he wonders if, just maybe, he might be destined for greater things. 
Cecil is the readers' eyes as we see books created in front of us. 
Cecil's imagination soars, and then one day he does land in a book - and a new, exciting, even dangerous, adventure begins. 

I Want To Be In A Book is the final book created by beloved author/illustrator, Narelle Oliver, and features the adventures of Cecil and his journey from cluttered drawing board to real book.

Colourful, vibrant and fun, this story is a visual feast, not only allowing us insight into the author's creative process, but also giving us a peek into Narelle Oliver's real home studio where all the images in the story were created through various mediums including sketches, collage, photography and digital images. 

Read delightfully by 2017 Dromkeen Librarian of the Year, Megan Daley, this beautiful story will inspire any budding authors and artists out there. 

Keen viewers may also spot characters from Narelle's other wonderful books along the way!


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