We have collated a selection of classroom resources linked to stories, to help students explore and understand the issues affecting refugees, their experiences, while raising awareness and honouring people’s journeys to freedom.

Visit our Refugee Week Resources Collection on our Resources page to view ideas and download classroom ideas and templates. 

Story response activity examples include: 

A Taste Adventure with Melissa Leong:

  • Plan a menu using the Menu Planner for sharing foods and dishes brought to Australia by refugee communities. Use the story A Taste Adventure with Melissa Leong and recipes from Refugee Week Ambassadors on the Refugee Week website to help you plan your menu.

My Two Blankets by Irena Kobald

  • Create a List of gestures that can be used to make a newcomer feel welcome (a new neighbour, a new classmate etc.).

Suri's Wall by Lucy Estela

  • Compare the setting in the book with the place in which you live. Use a Venn Diagram to record your thoughts.

The Refugee Week Story Collection, can be found on our Story Box home page.