Celebrating the wonderful work of educators and teachers across the globe, this year’s World Teacher’s Day falls on 28 October. It’s thanks to hard-working teachers that students of all ages can thrive, and get excited about reading and learning! Story Box Library supports educators to teach with confidence and ease, save time, and be the best teachers they can be. Explore children’s book favourites about school life below, or find more in our digital collection here.

Your School is the BEST!

Everyone’s favourite cockroach is back, and this time he’s going to school!

From show-and-tell to arts and crafts, this little stowaway can’t wait to try it all…and maybe become the new teachers’ pet!

Charming, hilarious and just a tiny bit disgusting, this is a back-to-school tale with a twist, from the all-star cast behind Your Birthday Was the BEST!

Written by Maggie Hutchings, illustrated by Felicita Sala and read by Laurence Boxhall. 

Hark, It’s Me, Ruby Lee!

Hark, It's Me, Ruby Lee! is a gorgeous story from author Lisa Shanahan, about a loud, adventurous and excitable girl who discovers her very unique talent whilst accepting she can't be good at everything. Colourful and bright illustrations by Binny add fun to this story read delightfully by singer and 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest third place winner, Isabella Clarke. This story will be free to watch for Australian and New Zealand audiences during October 2022.


Twig is a beautiful story about starting school, friendship, fitting in and celebrating differences, from author and illustrator Aura Parker, and read by Lille Madden.

Miss Kraken

She's cranky. She's strict. She's just plain … weird. Miss Kraken is definitely not the teacher the kids were hoping for. But she might have a surprise or two up her sleeves. 

A hilarious tale of bad behaviour and unexpected consequences. Written, illustrated and read by Nicki Greenberg.

Tiggy A School Day Smile

Tiggy's story is one that many children will relate to: worrying about being in an unfamiliar place, making new friends and learning new things. The beautiful part of this inspiring story by the talented Zanni Louise and Gillian Flint is that it encourages children to worry less and to believe in themselves. With themes of friendship, imagination and creativity, this story nurtures bravery and resilience.

Starting School

Meet Wynn, Izzy, Sumedha, Alfie and Hugo. They are here to tell you all about the joys of taking their first big step as they share the wonderful picture book, Starting School by Jane Godwin & Anna Walker.

The Sandpit From Little Lunch

The Sandpit from Little Lunch is a classically yucky tale from one of our most unique and animated children's authors, Danny Katz. In his life before writing, Danny was a performer - and it shows in his enthusiasm.

4F for Freaks

Poor Miss Corker, what is she going to do with 4F, the class without a yearning for learning?

Writer and comedian Chris Taylor brings to life Leigh Hobbs' frightening but loveable set of characters. Packed with loads of drama, conflict and suspense, Chris' telling of this story is guaranteed to deliver many laughs for children and adults alike.

Will Miss Corker survive the mayhem? Be sure to keep listening for the exciting twist at the end.

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