Engage children's interest and understanding of stories further with learning activities and resources, in our brand-new Resources section!

Only available to active subscribers, our Resources section showcases the best in Story Box Library’s additional educational offerings. Linked to stories in our growing digital collection and with easy-to-use search filters, the Resources page helps educators, library staff, and professionals find and access the tools they need. 

The new website section hosts all our educational resources including Classroom Ideas, Activity Time instructions, Units of Work and Story Response Templates, in a helpful new format. Professional Development events and promotional materials are also available.

View our Resources section here or see previews below.

Filters also allow active subscribers to find resources that explore specific:

  • Categories and topics (e.g. world history, climate change, wellbeing, engineering, animals)

  • Language features (e.g. alliteration, repetition, verbs, synonyms, imagery)

  • Writing tasks (e.g. persuasive, descriptive, poetic, recount)

  • Learning areas (e.g. Math, The Arts, Humanities)

  • Activity types for early learning centers, libraries and families (e.g. craft, music, nature/outdoor, play)