Celebrating International School Library Day on Monday 25 October, we are noting all the important ways that school libraries support their community, educators, students and families, and sharing important stories. This important day celebrates school libraries, their staff members and the key role they play in encouraging a love of learning and reading for students of all ages. 

Even during lockdown restricted schooling activities, an active Story Box Library subscription provides 24/7 access to all school staff and students, supporting remote learning. Educators and school librarians can create playlists and use Activity Time resources to engage student learning. Check if Single Sign On is available on your account, for a quick and easy login to access a world of stories. 

“When we read a book not only do we gain a deeper understanding of the world around us but also our heart rate and blood pressure drops and we relax. Reading to young children is not only beneficial for them now but is also like giving them a gift to their future selves, another tool to put in their wellbeing and lifelong learning toolkit.”

Frankie Jaiyeola, Librarian Storyteller of the Year Winner 2020

Subscribers can create an International School Library playlist of the below titles from your Story Box Library account dashboard:

Midnight at the Library

Read by Lauren Dubois at the National Library of Australia, Midnight at the Library is a story about the creation and preservation of books, and reminds us of the magic to be found in our libraries. Learn more after watching the story via our Short Films, and discover some of the books that have been preserved at the National Library of Australia!

Brother Moon

Brother Moon is a powerful story lovingly told by a great-grandfather to his great-grandson. Beneath the dark sky of the Northern Territory, Hippy-Boy is captivated when Great-Grandpa Liman tells him the mysterious story of his brother and how it guides his connection to Country.

No Bears

Ruby wants to tell you a story. A story with absolutely no bears. You don’t need bears for a book. You need pretty things like fairies and princesses and castles. And maybe funny things and exciting things – but definitely no bears!

Lucy’s Book

Lucy's mum takes her to the library every Saturday. Lucy loves to read, but there is one special book that she borrows over and over again. The book is shared between friends, dropped in the ocean, flown to China and even made into a banana sandwich. But what will happen when everyone's favourite book goes missing?

The Children Who Loved Books

A warm and moving celebration of books and the way in which they bring us all together, written, illustrated and read by the enormously talented Peter Carnavas.

I Want To Be in a Book

Colourful, vibrant and fun, this story is a visual feast, not only allowing us insight into the author's creative process, but also giving us a peek into Narelle Oliver's real home studio where all the images in the story were created through various mediums including sketches, collage, photography and digital images. 

All the Factors of Why I Love Tractors

Frankie launches into all of the various, glorious factors that make up the love that he has for all tractors – but will he be able to bring his mum around? Read by delightful storyteller, Dolly Diamond.