Often with a focus on art or play, our Activity Time resources are designed for kids of all ages. After watching stories on Story Box Library, kids can engage with the Activity Time instructional videos and PDFs, get inspired about creativity and craft. Activities can be built into outdoor and nature play programs from public libraries. Thanks to 24/7 remote access, families can use Story Box Library resources anywhere, even from a handheld mobile device or tablet.

Make the most of the warmer weather and outdoor recreation time, with fun stories and activities that support learning and family connection. For a small collection of our Outdoor and Nature Play Activity Times, libraries can visit the Activity Time Samples on our Resources page. 

Go on a Bush Walk Senses Hunt or Take a Garden Walk

As in A Walk in the Bush, read beautifully by actor Lyall Brooks, or in Isabella’s Garden, kids can explore their local outdoors and the natural world where they live, whether it’s the Australian bush or a lush garden.

Make a Christmas Gift or Make a Magical Treasure Pendant

After watching Ten Tiny Things, children can go on a walk with a friend or family member to find splendid and interesting things, just like Zachary and Tessa in the book.

In the lead-up to the Summer holiday break, encourage kids to explore their creativity using items found in nature, with the clever Activity Times that accompany the joyous A Very Quacky Christmas, and delightful Wandering Star, an enchanting story of discovery, adventure and wonderful friends.

To do the project more easily in the library, libraries can encourage families to find their natural treasures and materials before coming to the library.

Decorate a Community Tree

Bringing families together to share in decorating a beloved part of their natural neighbourhood is a perfect way to celebrate the theme of learning to share as depicted in Alexa Moses’s Bat Vs. Poss.

Create a Royal Crown of Australian Flora

Inspired by the imaginative fantasies from Lizzie’s life in the bush in Jan Ormerod’s Lizzie Nonsense, this Activity Time enables children to collect their native flora from their own local environment to create their pretend worlds of ocean, feasts and weddings, miles away from anyone.

Decorate Chip

Kids can connect to the themes of chasing your dreams, never giving up and staying safe at the beach from Kylie Howarth’s Chip the Lifeguard a clever printable project. By incorporating treasures from a visit to the beach, it’s an easy activity for kids to do at home, or bring their treasures to the library to complete.