As the new school year kicks into gear, Story Box Library is sharing educational stories and resources, featuring themes of teamwork and friendship. Assisting students with understanding how to resolve conflict among friends, build confidence in making friends, being true to oneself, and appreciate uniqueness. 

With many children impacted by school closures due to covid-19, and other socially isolated scenarios, educators can use Story Box Library’s Friendships and Social Relationships story collection to explore themes, or take inspiration from our list of stories and activities below.

How to Make Friends: A Bear’s Guide

‘Bear would quite like some real friends’

  • Have a class discussion about what a real friend is.

  • Use the List template to compile all the ways you can be a real friend to someone.

Room On Our Rock 

After watching the story, use the Classroom Ideas to engage the students in deeper text engagement, such as:

Invite students to role-play scenarios written on role-play cards, with classmates in the audience given the opportunity to respond verbally or visually (by drawing) how they might respond positively or with empathy in each of the situations. (Teachers might like to provide younger students with prepared empathy statements). Examples on the role-play cards might include:

  • A child has lost his/her friends

  • Another child has been hurt in the playground

  • A child has no-one to play with

  • A child’s sandcastle or structure has been knocked down

  • A child wants to join your game

  • A child wants to play on the equipment you are using

Molly & Mae 

Think, Pair, Share: Create a list of 5 steps you could follow to resolve conflict with a friend. 

Too Much for Turtle 

  • How does Turtle overcome her shyness in this situation? Who helps her? 

  • As a class, brainstorm and create a list of strategies that can help you to feel brave in social situations.

  • What signs might we see in other people to suggest they are feeling shy?

  • How might we support a friend who is feeling shy? Role play some ideas. 

Norton and the Bear & Norton and the Bear - Auslan

Work with a friend to compare what is unique and the same about both of you. You could use our Venn Diagram template to organise your ideas.

Little Lunch series

Hey Jack - Robot Blues

Ever made your own costume?

Jack has, and he's pretty proud of it until he thinks that his mother is laughing at him. When he arrives at his friend Jem's costume party, and sees the other children in their fancy Spiderman and Harry Potter costumes, Jack is convinced that the children will laugh at him too.

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