The new school year is always filled with excitement - and nerves, of course! To assist parents, carers and teachers in helping children settle into new school routines and environments, calm first day nerves, and make connections with others, we’ve put together our best school-themed stories and activities. Watch stories in the classroom or encourage children to enjoy at home with family members, and use Activity Time ideas to inspire creativity and fun. Explore stories below, or via our School Life story theme.

Foundation & Preschool students

Fiona The Pig’s Big Day

The first day of school is always an exciting one, and Fiona the Pig is VERY excited indeed! Singer Clare Bowditch reads us this funny and heartwarming story from talented author and illustrator, Leigh Hobbs and wonders if you enjoyed your first day at school as much as Fiona did?

Tiggy A School Day Smile

Tiggy's story is one that many children will relate to: worrying about being in an unfamiliar place, making new friends and learning new things. The beautiful part of this inspiring story by the talented Zanni Louise and Gillian Flint is that it encourages children to worry less and to believe in themselves. With themes of friendship, imagination and creativity, this story nurtures bravery and resilience.

Starting School

Meet Wynn, Izzy, Sumedha, Alfie and Hugo. They are here to tell you all about the joys of taking their first big step as they share the wonderful picture book, Starting School by Jane Godwin & Anna Walker. Available to watch for free during January 2022, for audiences outside of Australia and New Zealand.

All Through The Year

Everything changes, nothing stays the same… This is certainly true for the Australian family in Jane Godwin's gentle tale of rhythm and routine as they work their way through a year of their lives together.

Big Pet Day

On Pet Day, there are hermit crabs, parrots, mice, puppies, ferrets and ducks - but Lily brings her dragon. Funny man Colin Lane shares this story of mayhem with a rather special guest. 

Little Cat And The Big Red Bus

Little Cat goes to school on the big red bus with her big sister. But one day, Little Cat's big sister is sick and Little Cat must go to school on her own. Unfortunately, on the way back home, Little Cat falls asleep on the bus and no one notices. 

Lower Primary students

Horrible Harriet

Harriet can't be that horrible, or can she? 

Join Harriet's misguided world of mayhem and meanness. The children don't like to play with her - and who can blame them? - but when a new student, Athol Egghead, gives her a new chance at first impressions, Harriet discovers that having a friend is marvellous.

Hey Jack! - The Worry Monster

Jack is good at maths and art, but terrible at spelling. Spelling makes no sense to him! He decides to worry about the test later, but what will happen if he leaves it too late?


Twig is a beautiful story about starting school, friendship, fitting in and celebrating differences, from author and illustrator Aura Parker, and read by Lille Madden.

Miss Kraken

She's cranky. She's strict. She's just plain … weird. Miss Kraken is definitely not the teacher the kids were hoping for. But she might have a surprise or two up her sleeves. 

A hilarious tale of bad behaviour and unexpected consequences. Written, illustrated and read by Nicki Greenberg.

Middle & Upper Primary students

4F For Freaks

Writer and comedian Chris Taylor brings to life Leigh Hobbs' frightening but loveable set of characters. Packed with loads of drama, conflict and suspense, Chris' telling of this story is guaranteed to deliver many laughs for children and adults alike.

Hark! It’s Me, Ruby Lee

Hark, It's Me, Ruby Lee! is a gorgeous story from author Lisa Shanahan, about a loud, adventurous and excitable girl who discovers her very unique talent whilst accepting she can't be good at everything.

Rules of Summer

On the surface, we follow the journey of two brothers as the younger recounts his summer adventures, experiences and lessons learned. Venturing deeper into the dreamlike and surreal story, our imaginations are beset with the colours, images, and feelings that saturate every page.

The Sandpit From Little Lunch

The Sandpit from Little Lunch is a classically yucky tale from one of our most unique and animated children's authors, Danny Katz. In his life before writing, Danny was a performer - and it shows in his enthusiasm.