The Olympic and Paralympic Games are a great opportunity to explore themes of ambition, resilience, drive, teamwork and the joy of participation and sport with children.

Explore our Story Collection for stories to help you open up discussions and exploration into this exciting event. Scroll down our Story Box home page to find the collection in your dashboard and save it as a Playlist. 

We have also put together a Resource Collection for educators, of our classroom ideas and activities, to help you explore this topic further with students.

Examples of selected resources include:

Goal!!! by Lydia Williams

Classroom Ideas: Use the Sharing Skills template to describe a skill you would like to learn or improve, and identify a skill you could teach someone else.

Last-Place Lin by Wai Chim

Activity Time: Design a T-Shirt poster that can be used to share words of encouragement and support towards others... and yourself!

Great and Small by Alison McLennan

Activity Time: Work together to plan a 'Great and Small' inclusive activity course. Don't forget to include some of Eunice's determination and creativity!

Classroom Ideas: Design and draw an obstacle course.

Surfing in the Dark: Matt Formston by John Dickson 

Activity Time: Practice the skill of perseverance with this fun version of pick-up sticks.

Educators can visit the Resource Collection for further ideas and resources.