Good morning, good afternoon or good evening (depending on what time you are reading this), 

It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Boris. 

I usually introduce myself to people by shaking their hand and then offering them a drink as they walk through the front door of my house, which is my favourite place to be! Sometimes, my guest will choose a warm cup of tea or a glass full of juice on arrival, and sometimes they will request a drink of water or nothing at all! I always like to accommodate their request.

I take great care in adding features to my house that demonstrate who I am as a creature, like framed photos of my three best friends or activities I have completed after watching my favourite stories on Story Box Library. I think these details allow those who visit from my community or neighbourhood to feel comfortable and at ease.

Perhaps we can meet in person one day to discuss our favourite stories or interesting facts with a tall glass of iced tea, as I do with my friend Madge in the Summer, or visit the library together like I do with my friend Edna. If we go to the library, I will make sure to bring an array of drinks in covered, leak-proof bottles, so that we don’t spill any liquid on the books.

If we meet, I will wear my favourite bow tie so that everything is just so. I have a lot of bow ties that celebrate the beauty of every individual colour, but the one I’ll wear is a very spiffy orange and red, so you will be able to spot me easily in a crowd.

It’s most likely that you’re browsing Story Box Library because you enjoy reading, so I think it’s important that I tell you about the sort of books I like to read. 

If I am faced with choosing a book from the bookstore close to my house or when I’m browsing a library catalogue, I will likely find a non-fiction title to pick up. That’s because I enjoy learning about facts, whether that be about how humans got here on Earth, the extinction of a sadly lost species or curious details about unique Australian wildlife

I also enjoy reading instruction manuals, discovering how to solve difficult problems, like a sinking home or an out-of-control robot, or learning how I would go about building a bear den if I ever needed to do such a thing. I can sometimes be found looking at the questions Story Box Library subscribers frequently ask. That means that if you have a question about finding your favourite stories, I can probably help. 

In my spare time, I’ve been learning how to fly! If I am successful in my endeavours – and I think there is a good chance I will be – the Tooth Fairy may very call on me to help out! In future, you might see me flying around the Story Box Library website, or you might almost catch a peek collecting teeth to turn into fairy dust!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my passions and interests.

With kindest regards,