My name is Edna!

I’ve been roaming the Story Box Library website for a while now, finding quiet spots to curl up with my favourite books. I find it difficult to talk to new people, which some people might describe as ‘shy’. That’s why I haven’t introduced myself to you before.

But I read a lot of books about brave kids who go on adventures battling scary noises in the dead of the night and quests to find incredible freedom machines, and they inspire me to do things that scare me. Making new friends can be daunting, but I know it can be a little bit easier if the two people have something in common.

You must be browsing Story Box Library because you love books. I love books too; reading is my favourite pastime, so I think we can become good friends. I think if you knew a little bit more about me, you would agree ...

I love to write and illustrate my own stories, featuring my three best friends and my menagerie of pets! At home, I have two birds, Jeremy and Gary, a dog called Banjo, a Siamese Fighting Fish called Jelly and a friendly python I named Pineapple. My dream is to get a horse, who I would call Noni after the best pony I’ve ever seen! All of my pets are named after characters in my favourite books.

My friends and pets have gone on a lot of adventures in stories I’ve written, sometimes at the beach or in countries far away, but mostly in my favourite place of all: the library! Together, we explore the magic of imagined worlds, where we can make our wildest dreams come true.

If we become friends, you might become a character in one of my stories.