Fostering a love of learning and reading in children does not always come naturally. Many parents and caretakers struggle to find the time to read aloud to children often, and with constant distractions, it can be difficult to keep a child engaged to learn and grow. With Story Box Library (SBL), children discover stories in a safe, online space, their reading and literacy skills improve, along with their understanding of how stories connect us to the rest of the world.

Supporting your child’s development 

Reading aloud is one of the most important aspects of a child’s cognitive development, and can even have positive impacts on their emotional and physical health. By expanding their vocabulary, improving comprehension and assisting children in their own reading skills, storytime also sparks the imagination. While not everyone has physical access to a local school or public library, SBL makes learning and literacy accessible to all. Whether curled up on the couch, or sitting at the table whilst dinner is prepared, children can watch dynamic story reads by diverse storytellers, and engage with reading and storytelling in a safe environment. In addition, for young children with sight impairments or difficulties, or for whom English is a second or additional language (ESL or EAL), the SBL collection includes closed-captions on all high-quality video content. 

Exploring creativity and identity

With playlist and search filter functions, parents and families of young children can customise their experience of SBL, especially with regards to important narrative themes. Alongside each story read, fun and engaging activities are supplied, designed to continue learning and creativity. Ranging from colourful craft ideas to introspective personal reflection tasks, SBL’s comprehensive digital resources go beyond the book. With our Short Films, kids can hear from diverse authors, illustrators and storytellers to understand how a book is created and why it’s in our library. Stories Connect Us All which focuses on storytellers of our Indigenous Storytime series, our storytellers share what story means to them, their families, and the ways we can share our culture, experiences and identities. 

Entertaining and educational content, anytime

For many, including working or single parents, finding activities for children during school holidays or home-schooling can be challenging. Our high-quality video content, and accompanying Activity Time resources allows time for parents and caretakers to step back, knowing their children are still actively learning and engaged. Allowing young minds to independently use the online resource helps them direct their own learning and literacy experience, and self-motivated learning style. SBL is ‘edutainment’ - that is, educational entertainment - and makes instilling a natural love of learning easy and accessible.

“The magic of Story Box Library is that beautiful books are shared in a fun and engaging way, without being over animated or oversimplified. This means that the children enjoying the stories still have room to think and dream. In other words, the stories do more than just entertain; they inspire imagination too. It truly is a gorgeous and wonderful story-sharing site."

- Katrina Germein, Author/Teacher/Parent

Safe, secure, trusted

With our secure online platform, parents and caretakers can be assured that young minds are learning and engaged, in a completely ad-free safe environment. With a school, public library or family subscription, one login provides access to a world of diverse, high-quality stories. Designed to help you encourage a passion in children to always learn and grow, SBL makes learning and literacy exciting and available to all.

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