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What is Activity Time?

Activity Time is designed for use by families to help them and their children connect with the themes and characters of each story. 

Activity Time ideas and instructions are available for every story in our collection. To access them, families can log in with a library membership barcode, with the log in details provided by a child’s school, or with their personal family subscription. Then find the Activity Time instructions by clicking on the ACTIVITIES tab on each story page.

You can also watch short videos of some activities at the end of some stories, or in our Short Films section.

The activities differ for each story; collectively, they provide a variety of experiences for children that promote a balanced, connected, playful, active and creative approach to learning. 

There is scope to adapt the activity to suit children of a variety of ages and abilities or to suit a variety of settings such as home, early learning or community programs. Supervision by an adult is always recommended. 

To read about the aims of Activity Time and for more tips on using them, visit our blog post, Love our stories? Go beyond the story with Activity Time.