It’s not often we get the opportunity to hear from our Story Box Library (SBL) family about exactly why they love our digital platform. We recently asked our library subscribers to tell us why they use SBL, and choose to renew every year. Here are the top five reasons why librarians love using SBL in their library and community. 

“Providing quality literacy resources to the community.”

Our focus on quality local content ensures the broader community are exposed to stories read in familiar accents, with settings, language, characters, issues and themes common to the experiences of living in Australia and New Zealand. Our inspiring blog articles are released monthly in our SBL newsletter and feature regularly in our social channels Facebook and Instagram, where we share interesting and accessible content, including closed-captioned videos. 

“Provides a diverse selection for [a] wide age-group, suitable for families or class situations.”

With rich vocabulary, text structures and language devices, and an ever-growing library of stories, patrons are sure to find a story to engage every child regardless of age, ability or background. Via our storytellers’ use of volume, tone, pace, facial expressions, body language and the addition of music and sound effects, our stories also support behaviour modelling and learning. Thanks to a grant from Telematics Trust, in 2021 SBL will begin releasing a collection of stories that include Auslan translations, to coincide with International Week of the Deaf in September. 

Closed captions support students with hearing impairments or difficulties, or those learning English as an Additional or Second Language (EAL or ESOL), allowing them to follow along with text being read aloud by our storytellers. For students with vision impairments or with specific learning disorders (SLDs) related to reading, such as dyslexia, SBL also provides audio support.

“Providing 24/7 access to beautiful stories anywhere that suits [and] extends our face to face early literacy program.”

Designed with libraries and their patrons in mind, our At Home Access provides families with remote, 24/7 access to a world of stories and resources, from the comfort of their home. Downloadable library-ready resources can be used to encourage at home engagement with our Stories, Short Films and Activity Time resources. Libraries can request a customised URL to feature on their social media accounts and website to link patrons directly to the library’s unique sign in offering easy access to all their patrons. Designed to be incorporated into library offerings already in place, or to accompany storytime, book clubs, holiday programs and special events like CBCA Book Week, SBL adds to the immersive storytelling and learning experience. 

“The greatest benefit is being able to provide a high quality at-home experience for our community that can't make it in branch to our regular storytimes or events.”

In addition to our ever-growing collection of stories, our Short Films focus on a range of topics, such as an illustrator’s creative process, an author's passion for language, or the storyteller’s love for reading aloud, to name a few. Between 1-10 minutes, each Short Film can be used in conjunction with story readings in the library, incorporated into a library program or event, or as a fun activity for families to watch at home. Our Activity Time ideas encourage children and their families to enter a wonderful world of discovery and learning by going beyond the book, helping children make connections between the story and their own personal experiences.

“It helps to engender a love of books and reading in young Australians and hence is a valuable tool for enhancing literacy.”

Reading, singing, rhyme and play build the foundations of literacy which many libraries already deliver through services, programs and offerings. We believe stories hold up a mirror to the world, allowing us to actively engage with the stories of those around us or those far away. We want kids to connect to more than the story being read aloud, or printed on pages of books. 

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