With Story Box Library (SBL) features and functionalities ever evolving to make it easier for libraries, librarians and their community to connect and engage, we’re sharing some of our most recent features, only available to SBL subscribers. 

Updated Authentication

Improving functionality for subscribing libraries, your library community can now connect to SBL via SIP2 or our upgraded barcode range access. Both authentication options offer individual playlists, some personal settings for library patrons and additional statistical data for account holders. If you implement SIP2 for your SBL subscription, you will no longer need to keep us up to date about any changes to your barcode range. You can contact our support team to request this change, and once confirmed with your library’s IT management system, the set up is complete. Find out all you need to know in our FAQs.

Customised URLs

We now offer customised URLs for library social media accounts to link directly to SBL's login page, with your library name pre-selected. Customised URLs remove the need for patrons  to locate their library in the dropdown menu when accessing via social media. To request a customised URL email libraries@storyboxlibrary.com.au

Increased engagement

Encourage SBL engagement through your social media using our downloadable library-ready resources, and hashtag #StorytimeAnytime on Facebook or Instagram. Promotional bookmarks are also available upon request by contacting storybox@bennett.com.au.

Incorporate library branch names

Create greater engagement with your community and have all of your branches added to your library service dropdown menu. To make this change to your menu, send a list of your branch locations to libraries@storyboxlibrary.com.au.

Comprehensive catalogue data

Access a complete collection of SBL MARC data with monthly updates by contacting storybox@bennett.com.au. For additional SBL cataloguing offerings, read about our Three Library Cataloguing Resources You Need.

Story Box Library master list

Download a master list of all stories currently available on SBL, which also includes URL options to download corresponding storyteller images.

Exclusive resources for librarians

Our new Facebook Librarian Resource Centre is designed to support librarians by sharing tips, tools and information about our resource to help you and your community.

For additional SBL cataloguing offerings, read about our Three Library Cataloguing Resources You Need.