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Tony Flowers


Tony is a passionate illustrator with a love of the absurd and the silly. Tony and author Nick Falk are responsible for the ‘Saurus Street’, ‘Billy is a Dragon’, Samurai vs Ninja’ and the “How to..’ series, which have received positive reviews from Speech Pathology Australia and educators of early and reluctant readers. The highly illustrated and engaging illustrations help children to continue to turn pages and continue to read. Tony has filled pages with vegetable smashing tyrannosauruses; fish slapping Samurai, time travelling triceratops, Young Shakespeare and kung-fu fighting worms. Not content with these creations, he has created armies of chickens, adventurous dragons, sneaky werewolves and dogs of all shapes and sizes. Tony is now working hard to complete his PhD at the University of Canberra.

Tony knows he’s very lucky to be living his childhood dream of being able to colour in all day, and feels his 10,000 hours of line work practice has finally paid dividends. He has also received international recognition for his works at illustration competitions in America, Italy, Japan and England.