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Juliette MacIver is a children's book author, cupcake chef, amateur cardio-thoracic surgeon, and mother of 14. She holds down three husbands, one of whom is her own, and is considering adding guinea pigs into the mix. In her spare time, she runs a successful online smuggling business, and is a keen anthropomorphisist. She can speak with the creatures of the sea and air, and has had some success in dispersing clouds. On windy days she can cause lighter objects to move with the power of her mind (when not dispersing clouds), and has addressed international audiences on the importance of staying local. A strong advocate for taking it easy, she believes that a person's worth should not be measured by external achievements. She has twice been nominated for the Orange Nobel Laureate Academy Award. A fierce activist, she has fought for Peace on Earth all over the earth. If she could have any super-power, it would be the ability to kill with a look. She lives in a shoe in a quiet corner of a nursery rhyme. I also have four beautiful young children, and we all live on this beach, in a house made of sticks. (Well, we live close to this beach. In a house made of wood and stuff). Sometimes I take a thermos of coffee and write my stories sitting right here on the beach. What a wonderful job this is!