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Anna Pignataro

Author / Illustrator

Winner of the Crichton Award for Book Illustration, Anna Pignataro has created more than sixty books for children. Her books are published internationally and translated into eleven different languages. She is also the author of a junior fiction series and has created a quirky and diverse range of greeting cards. I work from my home studio which is filled with trees, unusual handmade characters and woodland creatures. My father was a tap dancer and drummer and my mother makes wonderful things by hand and was once a potter. As a child I was always encouraged to be creative and follow my dreams. Through my work I hope to inspire children to do just that. When I'm not writing and painting I enjoy music, dancing, reading, cooking, astrology, fortune telling and watching movies. I love trees, all kinds of roses, British mysteries and stormy winters. my inspiration comes from everyday things, people I meet, architecture and the everchanging landscape. I live in Melbourne, Australia near the beach with my husband and daughter. Often my backyard is visited by a family of ducks, a very special blackbird and two little rabbits who hide in the herb garden.