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Little Cat and the Big Red Bus

The bus went over and the bus went around. The bus went up and the bus went down.

Winter and summer Little Cat goes to school on the big red bus with her big sister. But one day, Little Cat's big sister is sick and Little Cat must go to school on her own. Unfortunately, on the way back home, Little Cat falls asleep on the bus and no one notices. When she wakes up the bus is empty and it's dark outside. As soon as the bus driver realises what has happened, he sits her in the very special spot up the front of the bus and takes Little Cat home.

Little Cat and the Big Red Bus is a simply gorgeous and timeless story from one of our most beloved author and illustrator duos.

Jane Godwin's story is both rhythmic and heartfelt, echoing many a reader's experience, travelling to and from school in the country by bus, whilst Anna Walker's illustrations are divinely whimsical.

Anna Walker's reading is gentle and reasurring as we follow Little Cat's journey, both literally from school to home, and emotionally through the terror and fear of falling asleep on the bus, to the warmth and safety of help and home.


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