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Meet Aaron Blabey

During the past few years Aaron Blabey has deservedly received accolades from many corners of the children's literature arena, in the form of book awards, multi-book contracts with Australia's largest publishers and, more recently, by having The Brothers Quibble selected as the official book for the 2015 National Simultaneous Storytime.

The Story Box Library team has enjoyed getting to know Aaron over the past 18 months. We first met him early in 2014 when he flew to Melbourne to read The Brothers Quibble for our library. More recently, we flew to his home in the picturesque Blue Mountains to record a short film about him as a creator of picture books for children.

Our short films truly offer a wonderful and artistic insight into the world of creating books for children, so sit back and enjoy finding out about the incredibly creative mind of Aaron Blabey. Be enchanted by his humble yet inspiring studio. Find out how he starts his mornings, how he records his ideas and from where they stem, and how he finds a rhythm for his verses.

Featuring the music of Courtney Barnett (one of Aaron's favourite song writers), this documentary will leave no doubt in your mind that making picture books for children takes perseverance, commitment and extraordinary talent. 



    Aaron Blabey


    Matthew Gdanitz


    Bronwyn Weingott


    Story Box Library Pty Ltd
    Australia, 2015


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