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Why does the app ask me to log in each time I open it?

When you log into our app it automatically remembers you for when you come back to use it later.

If you log in with Family, Professional, School/Academic Viewer or Account Holder or Library Account Holder login details, it will remember you even if you force the app to close.

If you log in via your local library with your barcode number, the app will remember you unless you force the app to close. If you force the app to close, it will completely reload it so that it opens in a fresh state and you will no longer be logged in. To avoid this, when you are finished using the app you can return to your home screen, switch to a different app, or simply lock your device. Force-quitting apps does not save battery life and is only necessary if your app has frozen or experiencing any issues. If your app has become unresponsive and needs to be forcibly closed to refresh it, you can find instructions here for Apple devices and here for Android devices. If your app freezes or becomes unresponsive regularly, please contact our support team for further assistance.