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Why choose Story Box Library over other 'free' storytelling websites?

  • Story Box Library focuses solely on local stories and voices.
  • Our library now consists of over 400 stories.
  • We licence rights to use the books in our collection from publishers and rightsholders and a significant portion of subscription fees is used to pay ongoing copyright fees that support creators and, in turn, the ANZ publishing industry.
  • Each story comes with tailored Classroom Ideas and/or Activity Time that are specifically created for the Australian Curriculum, further connecting children to the themes of each story.
  • Our storytellers are chosen to ensure a broad range of voices, ages, gender and backgrounds to ensure diversity. 
  • We regularly add new stories, currently 40-60 each year.
  • Access is free for families and students to access at home via participating public libraries and schools.
  • Closed Captions are available for each story.
  • Our website and app are completely free of any advertising.