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What resources do you provide for educational institutions?


Downloadable materials for use in the classroom (or educational context) that can be used alongside the stories. These resources help educators to maximise the learning opportunities that stories can present. 

Whether it is exploring language features, literary devices, creative angles or a particular theme - our range of resources help students to delve deeper into stories. 

Classroom Ideas  

Otherwise known now as our ‘Reflect and Respond’, ideas for lower, middle and upper primary students. The classroom ideas provide teachers with practical ideas that can be used as response activities to help students explore the themes and features of the story further. 

Each downloadable PDF is structured to include discussion prompts to encourage deeper thinking, followed by activity ideas that provide opportunities for students to:

  • make connections with the story. i.e. with other stories, with themselves or with the world around them

  • explore a particular language feature used in the story, i.e. adjectives, symbolism, point of view etc

  • create writing responses i.e. poetic writing, persuasive writing etc

  • explore themes and topics in stories with links to other curriculum areas e.g. wellbeing, sustainability, diversity etc. 

Classroom Ideas are made accessible to educators with a Professional or School Subscription.

Activity Time

Our Activity Time encourages children to enter the wonderful world of discovery and learning by going beyond the book. Designed predominantly for early learning, lower primary educators and families, each Activity Time provides instructions for fun and engaging learning experiences categories by the following areas: 

  • Play

  • Art & Creativity 

  • Outdoor & Nature Play

  • Family Games

  • Cooking

  • Exploring & Experimenting

  • Writing

  • Craft

  • Digital Creation

The activities differ for each story; collectively, they provide a variety of experiences for children that promote a balanced, connected, playful, active and creative approach to learning. 

They can be accessed in the form of downloadable PDFs. You can also watch short videos of some activities at the end of some stories, or in our Short Films section.

Activity Time are made accessible to Families, Libraries and educators with a Professional or School Subscription.

Student Task Sheets

Student Task Sheets are downloadable PDFs designed to be used directly by students, providing them with the opportunity to view stories and complete text response tasks independently in the classroom or from home if required. 

Each task sheet includes a QR code, providing direct access to the story, and three text response task options, each with a different focus and level of complexity. 

Student Task Sheets are made accessible to educators with a Professional or School Subscription.

Story Response Templates

The Story Response Templates are visually appealing, easy to use and provide students with creative opportunities to explore stories further. All are available as editable PDFs.

Designed to foster:

  • deeper learning 

  • reading comprehension

  • critical reading 

  • creative writing 

Graphic Organisers: support students with organising, inferring, comparing and analysing information and language in stories:

  • T-Chart

  • Y-Chart

  • KWL Chart 

  • Venn Diagram

  • Senses Wheel

  • List

  • Timeline

  • Graffiti Wall

Book Response Templates: Templates to support students with analysing and reviewing stories, including character analysis, identifying plot structure and evaluating stories from a personal perspective: 

  • Story Map

  • Plot Summary

  • Character Profile

  • Book Review - Lower Primary

  • Book Review - Middle & Upper Primary

Writing Templates: Frameworks to help shape and structure students’ creative responses to stories:

  • Letter 

  • Postcard 

  • Newspaper

  • Menu Planner

  • Recipe Planner

  • Interview Planner

Story Response Templates are made accessible to educators with a Professional or School Subscription.