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How do I use playlists?

You can use playlists to curate your own lists of stories to watch. You can add multiple lists, give them each a specific name, re-order them and they will be saved for future use.

How to add stories to a playlist:

  1. Find stories you would like to add via the Stories page or using the search function.
  2. Click the '+ Playlist' button, eg:
    Add To Playlist MobileAdd To Playlist Desktop
  3. Choose an existing playlist from the dropdown list, or type the name of a new playlist in the box. Click confirm.
  4. You can continue to add stories to your existing or new playlist by repeating steps 1-3.

How to create a playlist from story lists:

  1. Go to while you are logged in and look for the themed story lists between Recently Viewed and Browse by Storyteller.
  2. At the right hand side of the screen (desktop and tablet) or underneath the list heading (mobile) you will see a 'Create Playlist' link.
  3. Click the link to create a new playlist that contains all of the stories in that list.
  4. Leave the default name as is, or type a new one, then click 'Confirm' to save.

How to watch a playlist:

  1. Click 'My Playlists' button in the top right hand corner of the screen to open the playlist menu.
  2. Click on the name of the playlist you want to watch. The list of stories within that playlist will open.
  3. Click 'PLAY' next to the story in the playlist you want to start watching from. A video window will appear.
  4. Click the play button on the video to start watching. When the current story finishes, the next one will play automatically.
  5. If you click the 'Skip Intro' button, the intro song will be skipped on all videos in the playlist until the next time it is played.
  6. If you want to skip to the next story in the playlist, click the arrow pointing to the right.

Editing playlists:

  • With the playlist window open, you can drag and drop playlists to rearrange them.
  • You can also drag and drop stories inside playlists to rearrange them.
  • To edit the name of a playlist, click the pencil icon next to it.
  • To delete a playlist, click the X next to it.
  • To delete a story inside a playlist, click the X next to it.

Controlling playlists:
Users with 'school' subscriptions can find out how to restrict access to playlists here.