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How can we fund a Story Box Library subscription if our budget has already been allocated?

  • Try approaching the school PFA / P&C for funding - a few schools have found this to be a very successful option. After all, with the opportunity to boost literacy levels and inspire a love of storytelling in this digital age, it's an investment in the future of your students. Parents LOVE to support that – so just let them know about us and you might be thrilled to find that they will support you in a stress-free, fully-funded solution.
  • Hold a fundraising day for the students (this is OUR favourite). Try a casual dress day or 'bring a favourite book' (along with a gold coin donation). Just one day's fundraising should be enough to give you access to a year of our Story Box Library... and it won’t have to cost your school budget a cent!
  • Hold a Story Box Library viewing in your library after school for parents and students to attend (along with a gold coin donation) – a lovely way to bring families together.
  • Look to other areas of the school budget, not just the library. After all, with our comprehensive teachers' notes and suggested activities, Story Box Library is a literacy resource that can be used in every classroom!