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Do you support patron access via SIP2?

Yes we do. If you would like to set up a SIP2 connection for your public library, please contact our support team with the following information:

  • The IP address provided by your library management system, or the domain you use to access SIP2
  • The port you have open for your SIP2 system
  • Is that port encrypted (or, do you require Stunnel for SIP2 connections): yes/no
  • SIP2 username
  • SIP2 password
  • Location code (if required)
  • A test barcode and pin/password

We will in turn provide the IP addresses that will need to be whitelisted. Once these have been whitelisted by your ICT team or library management system, please let us know so we can finalise the set up on our end.

Once set up is complete, you can test whether it has been successful by:

  1. Making sure you are logged out of Story Box Library.
  2. Visiting the library log in page.
  3. Finding your library in the dropdown list.
  4. You should see two fields (Barcode No. and PIN/Password) instead of just one (Public Library Card Number).
  5. Enter a valid barcode number and PIN/password and click 'LOG IN'.

If the log in is successful, the SIP2 set up is complete.

If you experience any issues, please follow up with our support team so that we can help you resolve them.


  • Our system expects a CheckSum when reading messages. In order to be able to connect to Story Box Library via SIP2 you will need to ask your LMS provider to make sure your SIP2 service is using a version that includes the CheckSum in the response.
  • If you've previously used barcode range authentication we can still switch you over to SIP2, however any patrons that logged in prior to SIP2 set up will have registered a password with our site and from the point of SIP2 set up onwards they will need to use their catalogue PIN instead of that password.
  • If you've previously used EZproxy but want to use SIP2 instead, please let us know so we can disable EZproxy on your account. If you have both enabled, patrons will be able to log in via EZproxy as well as the library log in page, but they won't see their personal playlists if they log in via EZproxy.
  • If you have SIP2 set up for your Story Box Library subscription you won't need to provide us with your barcode range or notify us about any changes to your range.