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Can we save our Viewer password to make logging on easier for young students?

If you log in using a Viewer username and password to our StoryBox app, or via our website and tick the 'Remember Me' box on the login form, that device will remain logged in unless you choose to log out.

Alternatiely, to save time logging in, you can save Story Box Library passwords in Safari on an iPad or iPhone so they don't need to be typed every time:

  1. Go to Settings > Safari > AutoFill
  2. Turn on "Names and Passwords"
  3. Go to Settings > Safari > Passwords
  4. Enter the passcode
  5. Tap "Add Password"
  6. Put for the website. Fill in your username and password. 
  7. Tap "Done"

We also recommend adding the Story Box Library icon to your device's home screen. If you have done this, then the log in process is simple:

  1. Tap the Story Box Library icon
  2. Tap the "Password" field
  3. Tap "Passwords" at the top of the keyboard
  4. Tap your username
  5. Tap "Log In"
  6. Once you are logged in your session will last for the whole school day

N.B. Once password autofill is turned on, Safari will prompt the user to save any new passwords when they're entered - for any site. If they agree to save the password, anyone else that uses that device will be able to log in with those details. For shared devices, this may be problematic, so please ensure you are aware of how the password autofill works and the implications for the device it is being used on.