World Environment Day 2024, with the focus on land restoration, desertification and drought resilience, reflects our lived reality. Thought-provoking and conversation-generating, the stories from the Story Box Library collection offer our youngsters diverse and supported ways to talk about environmental issues this World Environment Day - and beyond.

We have some amazing First Nations’ stories, with the multitude of stories and wisdom that our First People offer us through their connection to Country. 

From our oceans to our everyday environments, you’ll find a story that will suit what you’re doing in your learning space.

As a parent, educator or public librarian, why not delve into this wonderful collection of stories with your youngsters? 

Choose from stories like: 

Want curriculum-aligned (and super-duper, engaging) resources to go along with these great stories? Our resident curriculum expert and all-round fabulous educator (who you’ve know doubt met via our EDM Shout Out, Nina Perkinson), has put together a superlative collection of resources that you can explore and use in ways that best suit your students’ needs.
Subscribers can find World Environment Day activities and resources here.

We understand that environmental issues can provoke concern and anxiety in our kids, too. With our stories and resources, we want to support what you’re doing in a proactive way that helps kids to articulate their worries and ways that they can contribute to making change, too.

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