A short account by Social Media Manager, Savannah Indigo

My role didn't exist when I approached Nicole Brownleeowner and founder of Story Box Librarytwo years ago, as an eager Master's student anxious to learn from an innovative and emerging company. Full of ideas and enthusiasm, I was nurtured in my professional development, allowing me to feel secure in my role and at home in the company.

Over the past couple of years, we've met once a week as a team to touch base, keep track and (if we've been hanging out with kids 24/7) to make sure we talk to other adults. It's a time for us to reconnect and to ensure we're working in line with the company's goals. Each week, I'm astounded by the genuine passion and reminded that it's a privilege to work with a like-minded group of passionate women.

Just into my third year with Story Box Library, Nicole sat our team down to share big news and how she felt about the progression of the company.

Fresh out of an inspiring business development course, she described the work of progressive leaders and writers who I strive to one day stand alongside. Quoting Brene Brown and Jamila Rizvi, Nicole mused over the growth of Story Box Library.

Stressing that she's moved on from feeling just lucky' and moved on from thinking fate has played a hand in the success of her business, Nic explained that it was sheer hard work that brought the company to where it stands todayhard work and a passionate team who have believed in her and her mission every step of the way.

What does it mean to be appreciated for the work you do? What does it show about a boss, who can be an absolute boss and appreciate the team working alongside her?

As we all have, I've been in positions where I've felt pushed to the side and undervalued. I've been in positions that haven't suitedand, of course, in roles I've loved as well.

What it means to be appreciated is that I work with my heart, as well as my mind. I let my passion for my role and the company come into the work I do; the sentences I write, the emails I send and the ideas I bring to the team. I see those who work alongside me do the same and I hear them tell our fearless founder what it means for them to work for a companyand a bossthey believe in.

It means that we can continue to bring the stories you love to the screens your kids love. It means that we continue to contribute to the Australian publishing landscape, because we know what we do is important, we can see its significance for the future and we can appreciate how far we've come through sheer hard work.

It means that we can continue to bring Story Box Library to kids around Australia and the rest of the world with a never-wavering passion for what we do.