Encouraging learning opportunities and collaboration between students, Story Box Library’s Units of Work are comprehensive thematic lessons linked to the Australian Curriculum. Including ready-made printable resources and story suggestions, Units of Work are ready for the classroom, to be used as a sequence or individually. Units of Work are only available to active Story Box Library subscribers.

‘Families’ is our latest Unit of Work for Foundation - Year 2 students. This is part of our Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) Units of Work release.

Unit of Work Families links to Australian Curriculum - Humanities and Social Sciences


  • Foundation: My Personal World

  • Year 1: How my world is different from the past and can change in the future

  • Year 2: Our past and present connections to people and places

  • Inquiry and Skills: Foundation - Y1/2

Story Box Library titles featured in our Unit of Work - Families (F-2):

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  • Environment and Sustainability - Year 3/4

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