As devastating natural disasters are happening more frequently in Australia and across the world, it’s important for parents, educators and carers to involve kids in discussions about climate change and its impacts. Through relatable stories and by introducing tools for resilience from a young age, children will be prepared to face many challenges of climate destruction around the world.

Using Story Box Library’s dedicated environment story collection and activity ideas, families and teachers can engage kids in these issues, encouraging appreciation and care for the natural world, and consideration for community and global sustainability. Find the ‘Stories about climate change and natural disasters’ playlist on your Story Box Library dashboard.

Story Box Library acknowledges that climate-induced disasters may cause anxiety-related responses. In an effort to support challenging conversations and awareness, please search our supporting stories on anxiety and resilience, or educators can use our Units of Work activities on emotions and wellbeing.

Discover Scholastic’s Natural Disaster series:


I remember when rain stopped,

When day by day the water dropped,

All across a sun-bleached land,

Drought spread its withered, deadly hand.

From author Jackie French and illustrator Bruce Whatley, Drought is a moving story about the devastating effects drought has on many Australians and their farms. Read by Tamala Shelton.


Inspired by the Queensland floods, Flood is a moving and sensitive story of a natural disaster as seen through the honest eyes of a cattle dog that has been separated from his family.

The floodwater mercilessly rips through the towns, and finally recedes, leaving a devastating widespread path of destruction. But from the ruins, courage and kindness emerge.

Written by Jackie French, illustrated by Bruce Whatley and read by Radhiah Chowdhury. 


One small spark brought fire awake. Winding like a small black snake. Fire flickered, fire crept. Flames snickered, bushfire leapt…

Inspired by the bushfires that have affected many Australians, Fire is a moving and sensitive story of a natural disaster as seen through the eyes of a cockatoo. A beautiful and timely expression of the strength of the Australian spirit during times of adversity from author Jackie French, and illustrated by Bruce Whatley. Read by Alexandra Schepisi.

Explore other titles about the environment on Story Box Library:

All I Want for Christmas is Rain

Dedicated to Aussie farmers, and an antidote to the commercialism of Christmas, All I Want For Christmas is Rain is an uplifting story about one girl's selfless desire to ease the strain on her family and community at this special time of the year. 

The Bushfire Book

Read by firefighter Kate Faith, this story will help you understand what causes bushfires, introduce you to all the clever people who are keeping an eye on them, and teach you how to be prepared and not scared. 

Written by Polly Marsden and illustrated by Chris Nixon, The Bushfire Book is a practical and reassuring story for children, to help them understand bushfires and what action they can take to feel less anxious and more prepared as Australia faces longer and more intense bushfire seasons.

House on the Mountain

There is a fire coming, and we need to move quickly. 

Mum and Dad start packing bags, grabbing woollen blankets, the first-aid kit, torches, and then the photo albums. 

Dad puts Ruby on her lead and ties her up near the back door. 

My chest feels hollow, like a birdcage. 

Courageously read by author Ella Holocombe, whose family experienced great loss during Black Saturday, The House on the Mountain tells the story of a family experiencing a bushfire, its devastating aftermath, and the long process of healing and rebuilding.

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