Around this sentimental time of year, we love good cheer and stories, so it’s a great time to  dust off our old favourites. Whether it’s on the beach, in the backyard, or relaxing at home, the much-needed holiday break allows us to properly pause and enjoy in good company. 

As 2020’s celebrations finish and we start our new year with much anticipated hope, in honour of bonding through stories with loved ones, we have selected some of our staff favourites. Compiled in our Story List 'Together/Apart Stories to share from our family to yours', you can find on your Story Box Library Dashboard.

Here are some of the stories that Story Box Library staff love sharing over the summer break:

Greetings from Sandy Beach

“I adore Bob Graham books, they are like a giant hug and perfect for sharing with your family. Greetings From Sandy Beach is a celebration of family and togetherness during one laid back Australian summer.” 

- Nicole Brownlee, Founder/CEO

All Through the Year

“All Through the Year is one of my favourite family stories on SBL. I love the way the characters (including the puppy!) grow as the story progresses. And I love that the story celebrates the day to day things the family enjoys during the year.” 

- Del Robinson, General Manager

Little Dog and the Christmas Wish

“Although set decades before now, the details in the illustrations of Little Dog and the Christmas Wish make this story a favourite to view at this time of year. One of our family rituals is to visit the city to breathe in the lights and sounds that engulf Melbourne, and visiting the Myer Christmas Windows is always a highlight...although Little Dog probably didn't appreciate them in this story as much as we do.” 

- Jackie Small, Education Project Specialist

Macca’s Christmas Crackers

“Macca and Al are a big hit with my two young kids (they literally make them laugh out loud) and Dolly’s costume is amazing!”

- Bronwen Lee, Digital Product Manager


“Summer features many of the activities and changes that we look forward to at the end of the year as a family.”

- Nina Perkinson, Client Liaison Administrator

A House of Her Own

“This story reminds me of the cubby house that my dad built for my sister and I up in a tree in the back garden where we grew up. Although not as elaborate, we had many fun times sitting up there chatting away, reading our books and eating snacks.”

- Jennifer Kean, Licensing Manager

The Runaway Hug

“This is an all time fave of mine. Hugs have always been a huge thing in my family and now that I have my own daughter she is so cuddly, I just love it!”

- Felicity Martin, Accounts and Administration Officer

If I Was Prime Minister

"It's one of the first stories I worked on at SBL & watched with my kids & it still fills me with hope that the growing next generation will lead with passion and vision!"

- Annette Wagner, Creative Director

Find these stories in the 'Together/Apart Stories to share from our family to yours' Story List, in your Story Box Library dashboard.