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Summary of event

To support our subscribers in making the most of Story Box Library (SBL), we recently launched an ongoing series of online PD events that address Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Our first event focused on familiarising educators with the features and functions of SBL. Our presenters discussed and offered insight into ways in which SBL can be used as a digital resource to engage learners and enhance learning and teaching programs.

The feedback was testament to the event success, with many participants noting the session was very informative, well organised and helped to build confidence to encourage colleagues to use SBL in a more comprehensive way. Participants also fed back that the session had helped them learn how to use SBL to build more enthusiasm in students for reading. It was heartwarming to hear relief teachers who use SBL value it as a tool that had ‘saved them more than once’! 

SBL is designed to support time poor teachers. 

We know that those that attended gained valuable insights into the features of SBL, feel more confident in searching for stories to support learning and teaching programs, feel better equipped to use SBL as a resource with students and plan to engage school families in the use of SBL as well.

Additionally, attendees now plan on using the playlist, closed captions, classroom ideas, student task sheets and activity time resources and features as part of their learning and teaching programs.

SBL’s ongoing commitment to build an effective resource.

The PD event was also an opportunity for SBL to hear from our teachers, responding directly to questions. Some would like to see thematic units of work, digital and printable student activities and resources developed.

After the success of our first PD event, with nearly 200 participants registered, we are pleased to say that we are now planning events for February, April, June and beyond. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to hear all the details. 

Regarding the future PD topics, further to your direct feedback we hope to introduce guest speakers and explore some of the following topics; Making the most of your SBL subscription; Using SBL to develop engaging learning and teaching programs; Using SBL to engage families in their child's learning, and; Using SBL to develop critical readers.