Story Box Library is working to support educators in continuing to provide a learning program to students in the cases of school closures and home isolation. Schools across the globe are responding to the outbreak of the Coronavirus and in some cases schools have closed or are making preparations for a potential closure. Story Box Library aims to assist schools that are closed by providing free access for an initial two months during these uncertain and unprecedented time. 

We’ve put together a simple, step-by-step guide about this offer of help, for teachers and schools to use. 

1. How do I sign up for the free two months?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Complete your registration details and enter the promo code: SBLFREE2020 (available until 31st May 2020)

Step 3: You will receive email notification that your account is active (check your junk mail if you do not receive within a few minutes)


2. Share your Viewer log in details

The next step is to share your viewer log-in details with your staff, students and families via email, newsletters or using our pre-written letter to families.


3. How can I help students/families to use Story Box Library independently?

Choose the resource that best suits your needs from the following:

Activity Time
Activity Time provides families and educators with an idea to further engage children with the themes and characters presented in the stories. They involve minimal preparation and are quite general, providing scope to adapt the activity to suit children of a variety of ages and abilities. Often with a focus on art or play, the activities promote an active, balanced lifestyle for young children and an opportunity for family members to connect.
Scroll to the bottom of each story page to find Activity Time for each story.

Classroom Ideas

Classroom Ideas provide practical discussion questions and activity ideas for further use of our stories with primary students. Our Classroom Ideas are aligned with the content descriptions across the learning areas of English, Maths, Humanities, Science, Health and Physical Education, The Arts and Technologies, in addition to relevant General Capabilities and Cross-Curriculum Priorities.

Classroom Ideas are based on the unique themes, story structures and language features of each story, and are designed to provide a flexible and easily accessible resource that can be adapted to suit each educator’s needs, whether as stand-alone activities or as a sequence of tasks. We encourage educators to use their discretion in selecting activities that are relevant and appropriate for the level of their students, which can be easily simplified or extended to meet the needs of students at various year levels. Classroom Ideas are provided as an interactive PDF, allowing us to conveniently link to relevant stories and additional resources. They can also be downloaded and printed for convenience.

Scroll to the bottom of each story page to find Classroom Ideas for each story.

Student Task Sheets

Student Task Sheets are single-page PDFs designed to be used directly by students and providing them the opportunity to view stories and complete tasks independently from home if required. Students can choose from three task options that help them work towards meeting achievement standards set out in the Australian Curriculum for their year level.

The PDFs can be printed and used in the classroom or included in hard-copy student packs or they can be sent electronically to students via email or student management systems. Using the document electronically allows the use of direct links to stories and external resources to help students complete the tasks, such as graphic organiser templates.

SBL has sorted Student Task Sheets onto shelves according to year levels, making it easier for educators to browse and choose relevant and age-appropriate Student Task Sheets for their individual students.  The Student Task Sheets are linked to stories that cover a range of themes such as ANZAC Day, Global Issues, STEM and Health and Wellbeing. 

Use the arrows or dots displayed under the shelves to scroll and view the complete collection of Student Task Sheets for each age group, and click on any selected task sheet to view and download the document in FULL SCREEN mode. 

We endeavor to add to these collections of shelves over the coming weeks. 

Find Student Task Sheets here.