Supporting subscribing educators and teachers, Story Box Library (SBL) is releasing brand new Story Response Templates in early 2022! With over 400 diverse stories in our digital collection, educators can use our educational resources alongside engaging story reads, to explore and analyse stories at a deeper more engaging level. Download Story Box Library resources here, only available to active subscribers.

Book Review (Lower Primary)

Allows for students to write or draw elements, tailoring to different abilities.

Book Review (Upper Primary)

Allows for older students to reflect on the story, scaffolding them to think beyond whether they enjoyed it or not.

Senses Chart

Allows students to explore the story using their five senses, encouraging creative thinking and the use of descriptive language.

Graffiti Wall

Can be used independently or as a whole class projected on an interactive whiteboard, students can record key words, types of language (e.g. verbs, adjectives etc) or make comments.


A KWL chart allows students to organise their thinking and keep track of the information as they research and learn. Can be used across a unit or just a lesson.


Encourages students to think creatively about a story and immerse themselves with the character. 


Students can take on the role of reporter, organising information around a particular theme or topic. 


Students can write from a character’s perspective about their experiences, how they might be feeling and what they might be thinking.


Allows students to practice comprehension strategies of summarising and sequencing. Students can plot events from the story on a timeline.