In the lead up to the International Day of Friendship on July 30, we’re sharing tales of companionship. Some stories are about different friends finding a common ground and some see new friendships born. They all show that connections, however surprising, can forge a stronger sense of community and belonging.

Tohby Riddle’s Nobody Owns the Moon is a book about friendship and belonging. Actor and Storyteller Jacek Koman tells the story of a fox, Clive Prendergast, who has a stable life and a donkey, Humphrey, struggling to find his way–and of the joys of moments shared between friends. 

My Two Blankets, written by Irena Kobald, illustrated by Freya Blackwood and read by Mariam Issa, is an important story of immigration and belonging. Following Cartwheel’s arrival in a new country with unfamiliar sights and sounds, the young girl creates a safe place for herself under an old blanket made from memories and thoughts of home. As time goes on, she begins to weave a new blanket of friendship that eventually becomes just as warm and familiar.

Readers can watch My Two Blankets in English, read by Mariam Issa, in Dari read by Zakia Hassan, in Farsi read by Ensie Anjedani or Arabic read by Mohammed Sharabah.

Anita Heiss’ reading of Kylie Dunstan’s Same, But a Little Bit Diff’rent tells the story of a girl living in a Southern city and her friend Normie, who lives at the top end. As the two friends share the differences in their lives, activities and interests, they discover just how much they have in common—and how their points of similarity can bring them closer together. 

Created by Sue deGennaro and read by Ashleigh Marshall, We’re Stuck! celebrates community and belonging. It’s a story that reminds us of the connections we can find, especially when we share our experiences and listen to those of others.  

Bird and Bear are two friends who love discovering the world around them. Created by Ann James and read by Emmanuelle Mattana, Bird and Bear is a gently humorous and charming story of simple friendship. 

From Phillip Gwynne and Marjorie Crosby Fairall comes a heartfelt story of friendship. Brothers from a Different Mother is an important story that emphasises a focus on similarities and differences, and teaches young readers that we should never be afraid of outward appearances that are different to our own.

Learn more about the International Day of Friendship and use our Friendship Day playlist, found on our homepage, to mark the occasion in the library, classroom or at home.