On April 22, Earth Day is a call to look after our environment and restore the earth. Our SBL nature warrior and explorer, Madge, shares her favourite environment-related stories, which educators and families can use to help kids explore the importance of being kind to the planet through learning more about the environment, animals and insects.

One Thousand Trees: Read by tree-hugger extraordinaire and actor Trevor Jamieson, One Thousand Trees is a thought-provoking celebration of the natural world that examines our wonderful trees from every angle.

A River: Follow a dreamer on an imaginary journey from the city to the sea. From factories to farmlands, freeways to forest, each new landscape is explored through stunningly rich illustrations and lyrical, poetic text.

Two Rainbows: All the colours of the rainbow are explored against the striking backdrop of two different worlds.

Welcome to Country: Respected Elder Aunty Joy Murphy welcomes us to Country with a Wurundjeri Wominjeka (welcome) and beautifully, yet simply, explains the concept of welcoming ceremonies and their significance to Aboriginal communities across Australia.

My Country: A story inspired by author Ezekiel Kwaymullina's grandmothers, who passed on their love of country to him. Ezekiel's simple, yet beautiful words create an image of what it would have been like for his grandmothers as young Indigenous girls, playing in their country without a care in the world. 

Last Tree in the City: A poignant tale about the environment and the way children relate to its beauty, asking children of interesting or funny places where they might plant a tree to make the world just a little bit better.

Benny Bungarra’s Big Bush Clean-Up: When the animals work as a team to come up with ways to look after the bush, they decide to ask the humans to REDUCE, RECYCLE and use RUBBISH BINS. But it is Benny Bungarra who has the bright idea of a BIG BUSH CLEAN-UP so the animals can also help look after the bush.

All I Want for Christmas is Rain: Dedicated to Aussie farmers, and an antidote to the commercialism of Christmas, All I Want For Christmas is Rain is an uplifting story about one girl's selfless desire to ease the strain on her family and community at this special time of the year. 

Owl Know How: Cornelia Rabbit and her best friend Orvi awaken one morning to find their magical home has begun to sink.

Florette: A gloriously gentle story containing a very powerful message that adapting to change takes time, and that we can all find a bit of green in our lives.

The Windy Farm: When a big electricity bill comes in and Uncle Jeff won't help out, Mum the Inventor needs to figure out how the farm can make more money. 

Water Witcher: Through the story of one family, Water Witcher brings to life the experience and difficulties of drought-stricken rural Australia during the Depression era.

Patchwork Bike: Jump aboard The Patchwork Bike and celebrate the childhood freedom and joy of owning and riding a bike! Maxine Beneba Clarke's sparse yet evocative text is delightfully vibrant with irrepressible energy and exuberance. 

Heads and Tails: Insects: Read amongst the trees by Kate Tucker, Heads and Tails: Insects takes viewers on a playful journey of discovery of the world of insects and bugs.

A Walk in the Bush: A story about the wonders of nature, the funny side of life and spending time with the ones we love. Grandad and Iggy delight in the sights, sounds and smells they encounter on their walk and we learn about some fascinating aspects of the flora and fauna they come across.

If I Was Prime Minister: With a powerful message behind the words and illustrations, If I Was Prime Minister asks kids everywhere what would YOU do if you were Prime Minister?

Our Little Inventor: Far from Nell's home in the countryside, the Big City is growing more polluted every day - and Nell has a brilliant mind and an ingenious invention. She sets off on the long journey, only to find that the problem is far worse than she'd imagined. But Nell is determined to succeed.

The Rabbits: An allegorical fable about colonisation or a perspective on the effect of humans on the environment, The Rabbits allows the viewer to make their own interpretation.*

I Am Jellyfish: Jellyfish is quietly crooning in the shallows, when knife-nosed Swordfish swooshes, races and chases her, down, down, down, deep into the dark blue sea.*

Feathers: Following a sandpipers yearly migratory flight, Feathers explores the hardship faced by people in different lands around the globe, due to the destruction caused by earthquakes, civil unrest and flooding. Each feather shed by the bird causes a moment of peace and briefly distracts the children who receive them from their harsh situation.*

Storm Whale: The story of three sisters who find a whale stranded on a windswept beach and try to save it.*

*This story only available to audiences in Australia and New Zealand.

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