Storytelling is a vehicle of inquiry about our world, for curious young minds. Whether we are reading stories, or writing them ourselves, they help us make sense of it all. Children observe and absorb adult mentors sharing stories and storybooks to craft meaning in their growing worlds. This makes storytime and storytelling just as foundational as learning A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s. 

For educators across the globe, and inquiring young minds, Story Box Library (SBL) not only produces high-quality and diverse story reads on a safe and trusted digital platform, but also provides practical, ready-to-use resources for educators. 

With our continuously growing collection of accessible and diverse stories, young children can become more culturally-aware and prepared for a changing world. Through our stories and accompanying resources, educators everywhere can empower young citizens of the world, with a multitude of stories at their fingertips. 

“It’s important to keep stories out there, and keep stories going. It’s a fundamental part of being human. It’s how we grow, and how we learn.” 

- Dan Sultan, musician and SBL Storyteller

Understanding local and global contexts

At the forefront of innovative educational resources, SBL assists globally-connected and -minded educators. Our digital platform and story collection expands weekly, reflecting relatable themes, relevant topics, characters and storytellers, that all children can connect with. Accessible on any digital device, our intuitive digital platform can be used by children in the classroom, and at home.

With stories exploring themes of Cultural Diversity, Historical Events, and Environment, young children can immerse themselves in engaging narratives that help bridge their understandings of peers, families and communities from the wider world outside. Additionally, young minds engaging in stories with unfamiliar themes can help build upon open-mindedness and awareness of different cultures, places, and people. Offering a preview of our diverse catalogue, a story celebrating difference in our wondrous world, Wide, Big World, is now viewable for free until March 31, for future SBL audiences around the globe.

Evoking the spirit of inquiry and play

With expressive story reads, and accompanying Classroom Ideas and Activity Time resources, educators can encourage creativity and self-expression. While reading stories aloud improves language, vocabulary and literacy skills, and assists with learning English as a second or additional language, SBL also provides expert-designed resources to promote learning through play.

Stories in our collection are accompanied by Activity Time resources, a ready-made instructional video and downloadable pdf promoting an actively balanced, connected and creative approach to learning. Examples include creating a Feelings Journal after watching It’s Okay to Feel the Way You Do, or constructing an Evolution Timeline after watching How Did I Get Here? Open-ended discussion questions enable students to learn independently via our safe and trusted resource, and then work collaboratively with peers and educators to reflect and discuss, improving communication and confidence skills.

Access your free trial for international schools

As a trusted and safe online educational resource, enjoyed by a variety of educators, children and families around the world, SBL connects you to a world of stories. We are currently offering a free 30-day trial to all international schools, including those with International Baccalaureate programs, to access our entire story collection and educational resources. Read more about using Story Box Library for your international school, or access our free 30-day trial here.

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