Supporting subscribing educators and teachers, Story Box Library (SBL) will be releasing brand new Graphic Organisers and Thinking Tools in early 2022! With over 400 diverse stories in our digital collection, educators can use our educational resources alongside engaging story reads, saving time in the classroom and encouraging deeper text engagement with students.

All templates will be available to download during Term 1 2022, with SBL subscribers receiving monthly educator ideas in their inbox on how to use our resources with our diverse collection of stories. From lower to upper primary years, SBL’s ready-made templates and tools nurture thinking skills such as inferring and analysis, creating and communicating, and synthesis and evaluation. Each template is categorised according to the thinking skills they help educators nurture in students, found below:

Graphic Organisers: Support students with organising, inferring, comparing and analysing information in stories. 

Writing Response Templates: Frameworks to help shape and structure students’ creative responses to stories.

Book Response Templates: Support students with analysing and reviewing stories, including character analysis, identifying plot structure and evaluating stories from a personal perspective. 

New templates coming 2022!

  • Book Review - Lower Primary

  • Book Review - Upper Primary

  • Graffiti Wall

  • Postcard Template

  • Timeline

  • Senses Chart

  • Letter Template

  • KWL Chart

  • Newspaper Template

Free to download for a limited time

From summarising to synthesising, our first set of graphic organisers and thinking tools assist children in further developing their reading comprehension skills and metacognition. Our graphic organisers provide frameworks in which to scaffold, support and observe children’s thinking and responses to texts. These resources provide a versatility to be utilised across all primary year levels - upper primary students might use words to record their thoughts, while students in lower primary might describe their thinking with the use of images. Learn more and download now!